A small child sitting on a table

Operation Code Name: #PresentPatrol

December 19, 2017

Christmas is almost upon us and whilst most of us are pulling together the finishing touches to our Christmas plans. There are those who are making plans of a different nature. Sadly, there are those who like to think of Christmas as a great time to break in and take all of the presents from underneath the Christmas Tree.

ADT take security as seriously as Father Christmas takes delivering presents on time – which is why they’ve been focusing on the best ways to keep our presents safe this Christmas. Asking children to come up with Home Alone style pranks, high jinx, and deterrents to keep stock of their stockings. Home Alone 2 is Tigger’s favourite Christmas film so when I handed over the Present Patrol floorplan and asked him how he would protect not only his own presents but those of his siblings. He grabbed his coloured pencils and got to work…

A small child sitting on a table

Operation Present Patrol

So you think you have what it takes to break into our home and steal our Christmas presents? Think again, Tigger has a master plan full of boobie trips, high jinx, and slime!

Time for Operation #PresentPatrol

  • Entrance – Smothered in green slime, so that the slip on the entrance steps and land on their bums. Before opening the front door to have a large bag of flour land on them sticking to the slime.
  • Bed Two – Time for a pamper? This is one salon you won’t want to come back to with exploding nail varnish bottles covering them in an array of bold colours.
  • Bed One – So you like to play, how about a game of dodge the Skylanders? See whether you can make it through the bedroom without treading on a figure or two
  • Bed One/WC – Let’s see how well they cope with a room full of steam. This is no time for a sauna, it’s time to make it back out of the room before you melt!

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  • Master Bed – The floor is lava!
  • Master Bed/WC – I’m forever blowing bubbles. Try to pop your way out of this one, but be warned that floor is looking very slippery.
  • Play Room – It looks as though Piglet has broken her ball pit, with coloured ball cascading across the floor.
  • Dining Room – It’s looking dark in there, maybe turn on the light if you dare. Carefully now, that might set off the sparklers!

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  • Kitchen – Did you order cream with your dessert? Watch as the door swings open to release the bricks landing on the cream spray cans
  • Laundry – With the washing machine out of action there is a month’s worth of Dad’s smelly underpants and Roo’s even smellier socks to deal with – RUN!

A close up of a piece of paper

  • Garage – This is no car garage, it is home to all the children’s bikes, trikes, and scooters – good luck clambering over that lot!
  • Store – Anyone for ball games?
  • WC – Walking on fire might be easier than trotting over the LEGO pieces scattered over the floor
  • Office – After all the high jinx you might find this wave of water refreshing

A close up of text on a white background

Are you still feeling brave?

Fancy having a go and protecting your presents this Christmas? Why not print off the Present Patrol floorplan and see what deterrents your little ones come up with – don’t forget to share them with me on Twitter using #PresentPatrol

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