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August 30, 2021

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Discover the incredible creatures that have adapted to live in the shallow pools of our coasts in the new Rock Pool Explorer area. Plus every explorer has the chance to touch a Starfish!

When Roo was just a toddler we took advantage of an offer in the local paper for a discounted pass to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth on Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth. Visiting the sea life and penguins soon became part of our family life – even visiting our favourite penguin Boomer on Boxing Day one year when What The Dad Said was at work.

Sadly with our move to Norwich when Piglet was a baby has meant that we haven’t had the ease of visiting as often – not to mention the recent pandemic. However, with a full day planned in Great Yarmouth as a family to celebrate the end of the summer, we had to ensure that a trip to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth was on the itinerary. Especially as we were keen to check out their new Rock Pool Explorer area.

SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth

SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth Rock Pool Explorer

Location & Ticket Information

ADDRESS: Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3AH
TEL NO.: 01493 330631

Visit the SEA LIFE website for more information on booking your visit and for details on the health and safety measures in place.

What is there to see?

  • ROCK POOL EXPLORER EXPERIENCE – Discover the incredible creatures that have adapted to live in the shallow pools of our coasts. Plus every explorer has the chance to touch a Starfish!
  • OCEAN TUNNEL – The amazing tropical ocean display and tunnel holds 250,000 litres of natural seawater where you can see our largest inhabitants
  • MEET THE HUMBOLDT PENGUINS – Interact with the playful Humboldt Penguins as they swim and socialise together
  • JELLY INVADERS – Go on a journey into the fascinating world of jellyfish. Be mesmerised by enchanting jellyfish as they dance around, where multi-coloured lights emphasise their beauty and create a uniquely stunning experience!
SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth Rock Pool Explorer

Rock Pool Explorer experience

The new Rock Pool Explorer experience at Great Yarmouth, allows visitors to see underwater creatures up close and learn about how they live and interact with their surroundings. From beautiful bright Anemones that flow with the tides, to a camouflaging Octopus that can hide alongside the rocks, there is so much to find out about the rock pool inhabitants.

We cannot wait to see all our wonderful explorers interacting with the shallow sea creatures of our brand new Rock Pool experience! SEA LIFE centres are here to educate people about the ocean and it’s inhabitants and there is no better way than getting up close and personal with these wondrous creatures.

The Rock Pool Explorer zone at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth is home to many species including common starfish, white spotted rose anemone, arctic lyre crabs, an octopus and so much more. It’s fascinating to see how these creatures adapt to their surroundings and we want our explorers to see how amazing these sometimes-overlooked sea species are.

Nathan Barnett, General Manager of SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth
SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth Rock Pool Explorer

Our Thoughts…

As we made our way through the SEA LIFE Centre we had said hello to the penguins (and a special hello to Boomer!), explored the submarine and walked past the old rock pool touch pool. Enjoying the facts at the ocean tunnel and marvelling at the Nemo tank. When finally we found the new Rock Pool Explorer area which is the final exhibit before you finish your tour of the SEA LIFE Centre,

Transforming the area which has previously housed the turtles and educational activities the area is unrecognisable, having new rock pool touch pools for a hands-on experience. Beach huts for both atmosphere and fabulous photo opportunities. Alongside facts and information, with a member of the SEA LIFE team in hand to tell you more about the creatures found in rockpools – offering an extra level of support to those who are a little nervous to put their hands in the rockpools.

As ever the children loved reconnecting, exploring and learning more about the creatures who inhabit our seas *and rock pools). We need to ensure that we don’t leave it so long before we visit again.

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