We all love a little sweetness to sweeten our day and make things taste a little more luxurious and enhance its flavour. Sometimes though it can be hard if you are trying to take a healthy outlook on life and cut down on your sugar intake.

Sugar really is everywhere and it’s sometimes hard to avoid it. There are lots of different sources of sugar which we sometimes don’t even think about. One of the biggest sources of sugar in our diet, however, is sugary drinks which are linked to a huge increase in calorie consumption and ultimately also an increase in type 2 diabetes and dental decay.… View Post

Eight ways to get your family exercising body …

Eight ways to get your family exercising body and mind

Exercising both our body and mind are important to stay fit and healthy, but in an age where computers and the internet dominate our lives, it’s increasingly difficult to get our kids out and about, getting the amount of exercise they need and focussing their minds on something other than a screen.

This is where family activities can help. Nobody wants to insist their children play a sport they don’t want to for them to remain physically fit, nor force them to carry out mental exercises designed for Albert Einstein to make sure their minds are getting a thorough work out as well.… View Post

Is It Time For A Different Fishing Rod?

Is It Time For A Different Fishing Rod?

Picking the right fishing rod is an important and often overlooked issue in successful fishing. Just placing bait in the precise place, without scaring the fish, can have a massive effect on whether or not you’re getting enough if any, bites. If you will use the incorrect fishing rod, you may not be able to cast the rod as accurately or as far as you would like to. But, use the correct rod, and you could land a cast easily and work the bait the way it is supposed to, producing more bites, more catches and loads more fu… View Post

Learning About the American Game of Baseball with …

Learning About the American Game of Baseball with Your Family

Baseball is an American game that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. It is a game that anyone can play, no matter their size, because it is not a game of endurance nor is it a game of brute force. It is a game that instead focuses on skill and precision, making it the perfect game to introduce to your whole family.… View Post

How to Travel With a Sick Family Member

How to Travel With a Sick Family Member

We’ve all been on a plane with a bout of food poisoning or a snivelling child, but what happens when a member of your family has an ongoing condition that seriously impacts their ability to travel? In an ideal world, every flight, hotel and insurance policy would be set up for this occasion, but this isn’t always the case.

Whether you’re flying with a disabled child or taking a terminally ill parent overseas, it’s important to be prepared before you travel. Here are four tips to help you go abroad with a family member in need. … View Post

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – What is it and how …

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – What is it and how severe can it be?

As we understand more about autism and other developmental disorders, the jargon and labels change. What we once recognised as Asperger’s, for example, is now talked about under one heading – Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD.

For those working in the medical and education professions, as well as parents and caregivers, this can be confusing. With autism awareness courses available from NCC Home Learning, you can understand more about ASD, what it is and how severe it can be.… View Post

Self-Care Tips for the Working Mum

Self-Care Tips for the Working Mum

You come home exhausted from work and as soon as you walk in the door you are in constant demand to care for your children and tend to household chores. You love your family and your job, but when you feel burnt out there is no way you can be your best self at home or at work. In order to stay afloat and reduce your stress, you must recognise the ways in which you require self-care. Embrace necessary habits and routines of self-care so you can be a better mum, friend and employee.… View Post