4 Easy Ways to Make Cat Ownership More Fun for the Whole Family

4 Easy Ways to Make Cat Ownership More Fun for the Whole Family

April 24, 2023


Whether you believe that your family owns your new cat or you have come to accept the truth that your cat owns you, cat ownership doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, if you have your family around, then cat ownership can be a lesson in responsibility and some real fun!

Here are some of the best ways to make owning a cat fun for the entire family!

4 Easy Ways to Make Cat Ownership More Fun for the Whole Family

Divide the Chores

Whether you are deciding who gets to feed the cat, who cleans the litter box, or who plays with your new furry friend, teach ownership by dividing the chores and showing everyone what goes into taking care of a cat. Don’t be afraid to make a chore list and show your family why everyone doing their part will lead to a happy and healthy new member of the family. 

Make Your Own Cat Toys

Another great way to have fun with the cat in your home is to play with them, and while your standard wind-up mice, laser pointers, and feathers on a stick can be very fun for your cat to use… after a while your cat can get bored. But instead of spending another few hundred dollars on cat toys, you can take the time to make your own toys as a family.

An empty toilet paper roll or paper towel tube, a homemade cat puzzle made of a cardboard box with a ball inside, or even a simple ball of yarn can be easy-to-make toys that can also make up a family craft night. Plus, you can see your furry friend playing with the toys once you make them, and your homemade crafts might prove to be more entertaining than the store-bought ones!

If you want to be even more creative, then you can also build a cat house or your own custom scratching post as well. All you need are the right materials and some creative ideas and you will be 100% ready to give your cat a whole new area to explore inside the house!

4 Easy Ways to Make Cat Ownership More Fun for the Whole Family

Buy A Self Cleaning Litterbox

Even if you love your cat and don’t mind doing a little cleanup duty every once in a while, you might find that cleaning the litterbox just isn’t something you want to do every few days.

Especially if you have multiple cats to worry about. So make sure to purchase a self-cleaning litterbox that, of course, cleans itself!

There are plenty of these types of litterboxes to pick from, so look for the best self-cleaning litter boxes option and then see how they can change your life.

Spend Time With Your Cat

Cats might have a reputation as aloof loners who want to spend time by themselves and are happier in a sunny window spot than in a family cuddle pile, cats need affection too. So don’t be afraid to spend some time with the family cat both alone and as a family. Cats like to be played with and petted, so some family time could be just what they need.

4 Easy Ways to Make Cat Ownership More Fun for the Whole Family

Having A Pet Is Fun For The Whole Family!

No matter the reasons you had for getting a cat, or for having a cat own you, the cat is part of your family now, and you should embrace the benefits it gives you. So don’t be afraid to show your loyal companion some real affection of your own and allow the entire family to get in on the love with these tips! You will be the best cat owners on the block and will have a really spoiled kitty too!

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