BOOKS: Stuart the Bug Eating Man

February 6, 2013
Stuart would eat bug,
with his fork and with his knife.
Much to the disgust,
of Harriet his wife.

He’d munch them, and crunch them,
legs and all.
While they’d wriggle and squirm
and scurry and crawl.

Stuart the Bug Eating Man

Written and Illustrated by Calvin Innes

Published by My Little Big Town

Age: 5-8

A short, humorous poem about a man who eats insects. He decides to use his ‘talent’ to his advantage and becomes a pest control man. Shows children to make the most of their talents, whatever they may be. Even though Stuart’s talent is a strange one, he uses it to his advantage, works hard and becomes successful.

Stuart the Bug Eating Man

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

This book features the best dedication and thank you I have come across…

‘For my beautiful wife. Thank you for letting me be weird, and for being just as weird in return.’ 

‘To my mum and dad for letting me do all the weird stuff that made who I am today…
My beautiful wife, for being you…
And to YOU, the reading the book for, well, reading the book!’

Roo really enjoyed reading this book to Mr Boo, ‘daddy, let me read you my book about bugs!‘. I wondered whether she would be a little squeamish about the bugs but she really enjoyed the rhymes.


Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We received a copy of Stuart the Bug Eating Man in order to complete this review. 

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