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The Flatshare, After Life and Judgements #LittleLoves

May 29, 2020

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Life continues in lockdown, adhering to social distancing measures and only heading out for essential journeys. As I worked from home before all of this kicked off, life, on one hand, hasn’t changed that much for me. On the other hand, we have less money coming in as my earning have all but stopped (thank goodness for the little bit of help from the SEISS grant). The children are home from school and we can’t head out on family adventures. But in the grand scheme of things we are very lucky to be surviving the current way of life.

This month’s #LittleLoves…

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My reading list is decreasing by the day and I need to find some new titles to add on to it. Finally getting around to reading The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary after having it on my reading list for so long – loved it! I’ve been fortunate to read some upcoming releases via NetGalley. Plus I’ve made some headway on the Paige Toon books I bought whilst they were on offer last month. Reading has certainly been my to-go thing this month with some of the books being devoured in a day.

The books that I’ve read in the last month:


Family film nights are continuing with us each taking a turn to select which film we are watching on that particular evening. Whilst What The Dad Said and I have been working our way through some binge-worthy series on Netflix. With After Life and Derek already crossed off the list.


There is something wonderful about having the children home. Listening to them chat together or each doing their own thing. Piglet especially seems to be changing every day. With her having such intense conversations with us, especially, if something has not gone her way. I do wonder how much of a difference our loved ones will see in her when we finally meet up again.


The long-awaited Multiflyer wooden climbing frame arrived for the garden this month. Something that required every piece to be measured, marked and pre-drilled before assembly. To add to this task I decided that it might look fantastic painted, so Roo and I have been bust giving it a couple of coats. Opting for green and brown to give it a treehouse feel.


I’d love to say that I’ve been wearing fantastic outfits, however, it’s simply the same clothes from last summer. The children, however, are on a growth spurt and next to nothing fitted them from last year. Thankfully Tesco had a 50% off their F+F clothing range so I’ve managed to pick up some summer essentials whilst completing my weekly shop.


There has been a lot of judgement on social media regarding others choices to enjoy the daily exercise allowance, sending children back to school etc. Whilst I have my own opinions on these subjects. I opt to keep them to myself. The only lives I can have a say in is my own and that of my little family. What others opt to do is for them to decide and to live with the reactions to their actions. Be kind, stay safe.

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