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Tips To Be a More Productive Writer

February 1, 2020

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If you write or plan on writing for a living, you can ill-afford to have issues with efficiency or productivity. Effective writing demands that the writer be able to concentrate on the task at hand. That means holding oneself together long enough to formulate thoughts and get them down on paper before the thoughts dissipate. 

If you have concerns about your ability to produce the level of content that you want to produce, you might want to consider whether or not you are being as productive as you could, or want to be. To help you in that regard here are six tips you can employ to hopefully increase your productivity as a writer.


Develop a Habit of Writing

Writing is not something people do every day. It’s something that can be challenging and time-consuming. Sometimes, it’s easier to find the motivation to write by making the task part of your everyday routine. By making it a habit, it’s something you will do simply because you’ll feel there’s a vacancy in your life if you don’t do it.

Dictate Your Content

Depending on what you are writing, it can be very challenging to try to formulate ideas and write at the same time. Since the average person speaks 125 words a minute while typing 50 words a minute, you might be able to save time by dictating your thoughts on a recorder and then transferring them to written form when the creative process has been completed.

Establish a Standard Time for Writing

Part of developing the habit of writing is setting aside the appropriate time to write. Do you know you can train your mind to do certain things at certain times just like you can train your body to sleep at certain times? It’s true. To increase your productivity as a writer, it will help you to gear your mind towards writing at the same time every day.

Set Up a Reward System for Writing

Like so many other things people do in life, there’s a tendency to perform better when rewards are matched with accomplishments. As a writer, you might have deadlines that should serve as your primary motivation to get your writing done. If that’s not incentive enough, offer yourself certain rewards by accomplishing so much within a certain amount of time.

Read More

If you don’t read, how is it possible for you to be learned enough to write constructively? Writers, even creative writer, need a database of experience and information to be able to write good material. You have to use more than cable TV to learn things you don’t already know. Even if it’s just a newspaper or blog on the internet, your writing will improve on all levels if you read more.

Block Out Distractions

There’s simply no way to put a constructive thought together if the TV is on, your cell phone is ringing and the kids are making noise in the background. If you want to be a productive writer, you have to create an environment that’s conducive to allowing you to concentrate. 

Whether you write professionally or as a hobby, you always want to get as much out of your writing time as possible, The tips provided above should give you the basis for developing an efficient way to write that works for you.

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