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The Biggest Benefits Of Going Abroad For Rehab

June 23, 2017

Rehab centres abroad are a great option for those who need help. Before we look at why they are a good option, let’s take a look at the background of a drug and alcohol addict. Heavy users and drinkers often reach a point in their life where addiction takes over. Some, or even all, elements of their life become hard to manage, and the pressures seem to mount. Everything he or she does, and everywhere he or she goes becomes connected to the addiction and they consume more and more.

A chair in a room

Once an addict becomes tired of being an addict, they try to go cold turkey or use home detox programs, but neither are great options and staying clean and sober proves extremely difficult, especially during the earlier stages. Eventually, and usually out of desperation, the addict realizes that in order to increase his or her chances of staying off their addiction, a stint at a rehab centre is a viable option, such as a reliable private rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

But, why would anyone consider going abroad for rehab? There are a range of great reasons.

What the Addict Escapes by Going Abroad for Rehab:

  • Nearby suppliers who are known, accessible, and always in the area
  • Friends, family, and various work pressures that are always nearby
  • The ease of contact with other addicts – it’s a magnet for regression
  • Staying close to home means no change in the addict’s environment and it can be rather bleak
  • A negative mindset – this is the hardest to overcome and all to ease to fall into at home
  • Expensive private treatment centres

What the addict gains by seeking help at a rehab centre abroad:

  • No pubs or suppliers nearby – a massive relief
  • No friends, family, or work pressures nearby, which allows the addict to wholly focus on solutions
  • No contact with other known drinkers or users, thereby neutralising the magnet
  • A complete change of environment is a big adjustment
  • A more positive and hopeful mindset which is encouraged by the new environment and opportunities ahead
  • More affordable treatment in a private centre

Overall, rehab centres abroad offer addicts a whole new environment, both figuratively and very literally. The next thing is to consider which the best rehab program is for the person. Generally, it is the one that they can get through and come out of free of active alcoholism or addiction. Rehab centres overseas, away from triggers and negativity associated with home, will increase the likelihood of success and help the addict find new meaning and happiness that will help him or her cope when they get back home and undergo a complete life change.

Best of all, rehab centres overseas are usually more affordable and offer better accommodation and facilities, comprehensive and successful treatment programs, and a fantastic environment to encourage the addict to make it through the tough times and emerge almost brand new. There’s really no downside and nothing to lose by seeking professional rehab assistance in another country.

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Contributed by Katrina Fernandez

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