Are you a Smarter Shopper?

In many ways the recession has done one good thing for the residents of the UK, it has forced us to mend and make do. Getting us to be smart shoppers instead of a throw away society.

To me being a smart shopper is not just about money saving, it’s more about being money wise. For example, just because there is a great offer advertised it doesn’t mean it is a great offer for you and your family. What is the point of buying all the 3 for 2 or BOGOF offers if you…

a) don’t use the product

b) the product will go out of date before you use it 

c) you have no where to store all these products

Now you can share all your smart shopper hints and tips on the Smart Shoppers Facebook page, and possibly gain some great ones for yourself.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I attend a Smart Shoppers event in London which I participated in craft workshops and smart shoppers tips swop. My travel and lunch was provided. I have not been advised what to write about.

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