An activity too many?

Roo came home from school this afternoon with a permission slip to take part in a gymnastics after school activity on Mondays starting this coming week. I asked her whether she wanted to take part in the activity which of course she did, so I sat and looked at the permission slip and wondered if this was an activity too many.

Roo currently has quite a full schedule of activities as it is…

Monday – Possibly gymnastics
Tuesday – Football and Cub Scouts
Wednesday – Tag Rugby (lunchtime)
Thursday – PE and Circus Skills
Friday – Choir (lunchtime)

The thing is Roo loves school and everything that it offers however between Piglet arriving in the next week or so and collecting Tigger at normal school time heading having to head back out to go and get Roo it can be a little much for me, especially as I won’t be able to drive for at least six weeks.

I feel guilty that I am possibly stopping her doing activities just because it is inconvenient for me. Am I being a mean Mummy be thinking of saying no to adding yet another activity to our week?



  1. November 19, 2015 / 7:05 pm

    No, not at all. It isn’t like Roo doesn’t do other things or that you’re saying ‘no’ forever, but right now, it won’t work for you. It’ll be hard enough adjusting without adding another to and fro run into the mix! x

  2. November 21, 2015 / 9:05 am

    You have to do what works for the whole family imo. It is funny as extra stuff is something that gets talked about a lot with me and my friend. It is funny how kids can fluctuate between doing none to loads. As well it isn’t usually just the time commitment but the financial.She doesn’t want to be overtired either. I think if you and her can cope with it all then fine, but if either one of you is going to feel under pressure then I think you know that she is getting enough stimulation already.

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