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Helping Kids Concentrate: How to Create the Ideal Spaces for Homework

February 25, 2020

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In Australia, it is well-known that homework can be a challenging task for kids. Have you run out of ideas with making your kid’s homework experience comfortable?

You may feel you’ve tried almost everything to keep your kid-focused, but you may just be missing out on ONE important thing. For example, with a skylight installation Melbourne skies can create a well-lit environment. 

What else is there to do after you have tried everything you read on Google? As you scratch your head and start to pull your hair out with frustration, remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

There is always a solution to a problem. Yes, the same line you use on your kids as they get frustrated with their mathematics can apply to you. Follow your advice and create an ideal space for your kid to do their homework. We’ll show you how.

What is an Ideal Space for Homework?

The ideal space for a kid to do his or her homework in their rooms should be a comfortable one.

Creating the best space is not as difficult as it seems. Identify the problems in your kid’s room that need attention by following our checklist.

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Create a To-Do List

Problem Areas to Identify: 

  • Is the room well-lit? (That is where the mentioned skylights come in)
  • Is your kid doing his or her homework on their bed?
  • Are there too many distractions? (TV, Xbox, Smartphone…etc.)
  • Should you declutter resources. For example, is the computer not set up comfortably or the books not easily accessible?
  • Is the room hot with little to no ventilation?
  • Is it too quiet or noisy in his or her room?
  • Does your kid have a homework schedule and/or clock? 
  • Are you rewarding your kid for their efforts?

There are many situations to consider and change before your kid can do his/her homework comfortably & successfully. To fix those problem areas you need to be attentive to your kid’s needs for doing their homework or studying and take action.

Basic Solutions for a Better Study

As you have identified the problem areas in your kid’s room, you now have a list of what to do to create the ideal space for him or her to do their homework distraction-free and comfortable. 

Now, to act on those problem areas aren’t as easy as everyone thinks. It is possible though. Simply follow your instinct and put yourself in their position. Focused yet on the task? Act now. 

Tick Off that List We Made

Here are practical solutions to common study area challenges:

  • For installing skylights Melbourne has the right people to do such construction in your home. Depending on what design you require it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. Get that skylight, make your kid’s room a well-lit one.
  • Doing homework on a bed is not ideal at all. For proper ergonomics, you need to invest in a desk for him/her to do their homework comfortably, or you could build a murphy-desk to suit your kid’s personality.
  • That Xbox right next to the desk or the Smartphone beeping repeatedly with messages must go. For the time your kids do homework, distractions need to be removed from their grasp. 
  • Are the resources your kid needs insufficient or cluttered? Organising every bit of resource is important for them to effortlessly access the information they need.
  • If your kid needs to use a computer to do homework, then set it up comfortably and block all distractions they might be able to access such as Facebook, Twitter or similar.
  • Are you hot and irritable when you enter your kid’s room? The weather in Melbourne is not always beneficial but an air conditioner can solve that problem. Alternatively, invest in a fan for your kid’s bedroom. 
  • Music can improve focus. Get some calming classical or instrumental music without lyrics to play while they do their homework.
  • Time is important and so is a schedule. Make sure your kid has a schedule to do his or her homework and ensure they take breaks in between. Get a clock and add sticky notes on it showing the planned schedule.
  • Your kid may be working without knowing or understanding the goal. Give them motivation and purpose with something as simple as a reward for their efforts, some Xbox time or a playdate with a friend? We all enjoy a reward after major efforts. Try it and you will see a change in your kid’s habits.


You’ve worked through that list and made it as comfortable as can be for him or her. It doesn’t end there though. Supporting your kid in his or her homework tasks can help a great deal. You’re not alone. There are parents out there facing similar challenges, so learn from them. 

Worldwide parents have struggled with supplying sufficient space and information for their kids to do their homework successfully. Read blogs and watch videos. Many resources are available online and that is why you’re reading this right? Now get on with it: help your kid succeed. 

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