6 benefits to adding an air purifier in your home

August 5, 2021

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Indoor air pollution can cause issues with the heart and lungs and could end up causing some serious damage in the long term. An air purifier improves the quality of the air you breathe and therefore will lower the risk of developing these issues in the future.

It might be difficult to comprehend this, but did you know that every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK? The World Health Organisation and the UK government have started to recognise that air pollution is one of the largest environmental health risks that we face. Poor air quality can cause things such as heart and lung disease, as well as low birth weight in pregnancies. It can even contribute to mental health issues. 

But while we might be doing what we can when it comes to air pollution outside, such as choosing more economical choices with travel, for example, we often don’t associate poor air quality with the air we have inside our homes. Most people don’t necessarily realise the impact indoor air quality and humidity have on our wellbeing and that some of our general health hindrances can be improved with a focus on improving indoor air quality. So how can you fix that?

This is when a Sharp’s Air Purifier could be the ideal investment. Sharp’s Air Purifier range includes scientifically proven Plasmacluster Ion Technology and HEPA filters to fight allergens, dust mites, odours, and viruses. The company is an expert in air treatment technologies and offers innovative, energy-saving solutions for home use. To give it a bit of context, Plasmacluster Ion Technology releases positive and negative ions that combine with harmful air particles and break up their cell membrane, acting as invisible power packs in the room and removing up to 99 per cent of the pollutants from the room air. 

Benefits of an air purifier

This is all great information, I hear you saying, but how will an air purifier help you personally? Here are some of the benefits you will experience by adding an air purifier to your home. 

Sharp's air purifier

Relieves symptoms of asthma

Many people struggle with symptoms of asthma. This is where internal breathing airways and tubes can become inflamed easily. Dust mites and pollen in the air can irritate the airwaves, making it difficult and painful to breathe. The air purifier will help eliminate those things, which will make things easier in the home. 

Helps with hayfever

A lot of people struggle with the common issue that is hayfever, especially in the spring and summer months when pollen in the air is in abundance. You may only associate suffering with it outside, but the air inside your home can adobe affected by a high pollen count. Meaning you will experience the symptoms just as bad, if not worse because of the isolated area. The air purifier will help to eliminate the pollen particles in the air and enable you to feel relief from those symptoms, which include itchy eyes and streaming noses. This way, at least you know being at home will help you to feel better and not worse. 

Neutralises unpleasant odours

We have all been there. If we spend too much time in our homes we can become nose blind. However, smells can linger, especially if you have pets. That is because dogs and cats will scratch and move about and their hair and particles from their fur can pollute the internal air that you breathe. Smells can be the same, such as cooking smells, pet smells, or even a musty smell of air if you haven’t managed to open the windows. The air purifier will help to eliminate those lingering odours and help your home to smell fresh. 

Can give you extra peace of mind against airborne viruses

There is a lot more concern these days when it comes to viruses, and while we may have always had the threat of colds and flu, we also now have to live with Covid-19. As they are airborne viruses, we know that there are huge risks being close to people, and when you are spending time indoors there is no way for that air to circulate properly. This is why an air purifier can be a great way to give you some extra peace of mind when it comes to getting rid of airborne viruses and making the air much safe for you to breathe. 

air purifier

Improves sleep

As there are particles in the air that can cause your symptoms to be heightened with asthma and hayfever, which could mean that you struggle to sleep at night. Having an air purifier eliminates that risk, and could help to improve the sleep quality you get as you won’t have to struggle with breathing difficulties or other symptoms of asthma and hayfever. 

Hopefully, this has made you more aware of why an air purifier could be a great investment for you.

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