5 Ways to Inject Halloween into your Kitchen!

October 15, 2016

Halloween is always an exciting time of year, with so many different ways to decorate your home and enjoy the spooky season. Decorating your home is another great way to get your children involved and creating some scary things for the house! Making your own Halloween decorations is also a really cost-effective way to make your home look scary without having to spend loads on other items from the shop, so getting creative and doing some DIY will be beneficial in many different ways!

A group of oranges on a table

Spooky Spoons

One of the easiest yet really fun Halloween decorations to create for your kitchen are some spooky Halloween spoons. Get yourself a selection of wooden spoons, they need to be wooden so that you can paint them! Once you’ve chosen your wooden spoons, get some orange, white, green and black paint, as this will cover a few different characters. For your first spoon, paint it orange and, using one of your black Copic markers, draw on some spooky eyes and a mouth. This spoon will resemble a pumpkin! Next, paint one of your wooden spoons white and with your Copic marker, draw on a large circular mouth and colour that in black. Add some eyes and then you have yourself a haunting ghost spoon. Your next two spoons are going to be painted black and green, which you can use to create a bat or cat, and a Frankenstein spoon! Once you’ve painted all of your spoons and are happy with your group of spooky characters, place them in a glass jar or mug and sit them neatly in the centre of your kitchen table for a scary Halloween themed centrepiece!

Pumpkin on a Plate

Halloween isn’t quite Halloween without some spooky looking pumpkins, and this idea is great for adding some pumpkin magic to your kitchen! Get yourself a decent sized pumpkin from the local supermarket, or you could even go to a pumpkin farm and select your own. Once you’ve chosen the right pumpkin for your home, use a sharp knife to carve out some spooky facial expressions. Triangles are perfect shapes for your pumpkin’s eyes and nose! Once your pumpkin has been emptied and given some facial expressions you can create a space inside for some light. Remove the top of the pumpkin neatly and position a candle or artificial light into the middle of your pumpkin. Candles work really well as they create a glowing effect that can create a spooky atmosphere. Place your pumpkin on a plate or cake stand and position it neatly on your sideboard or island. You could even add a small garland to the stand for the pumpkin to sit on.

Creepy Spiders

One of the most common Halloween pranks or tricks is to position fake spiders somewhere you wouldn’t want to find a real spider. For example, in the fridge or cutlery drawer. This is a great idea if you want to prank other people in the house, but if you’d rather just create a good Halloween look then sticking plastic spiders in a wavy line along your kitchen cupboard will create a look that the spiders are all crawling from the drawer and into the house. This will create a really good look without making anyone feel too freaked out or uncomfortable!

Hand Print Towels

Bloody patches and handprints are by far a very freaky part of Halloween. Using some white tea towels, paint your hand in red paint and place it neatly onto the towel. To add a little extra effect, run your hand down the towel to make it look like a hand has grabbed the towel and the blood has smudged. This will create a haunting feel and add a little extra Halloween spirit to the kitchen.

Scary Silhouettes

Whether you want to create the look of a witch’s coven or you’d rather make the home look a scary graveyard, you can make a really effective look with some black foam board! Simply use the black foam board to cut out some shapes such as a witch’s hat, broomstick or cauldron if you want to go for the witch’s coven. Or, if you’re wanting a spooky graveyard, some gravestone cut outs or ghostly figures would work really well. Once you’ve cut out your shapes, stick them to a window or to the door (if it has windows) and when the dark of night comes, the light from inside will shine onto your silhouettes and make it look like there are shadows in your kitchen!

A close up of a painted orange ball

Written by Jasmine Smith

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