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5 Things to Do When Booking Festival Tickets

March 3, 2017

You will not want to be the person that missed out on one of the biggest festivals of the year, which is why you will want to ensure you secure tickets to an upcoming event. Well, to help you avoid disappointment, we recommend following our five top tips before booking festival tickets.

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Check Credit Card Pre-Sales

Did you know that some of the biggest credit card providers have access to tickets? The companies allow their customers to a grab priority tickets for shows they expect to quickly sell out on the general market. This is because many credit card companies will help promote the event, so are given a select number of tickets to encourage people to sign-up to their credit cards. So, if you have recently taken out a credit card or plan to sign-up to one soon, look at their pre-sale privileges.

Ask Your Family & Friends to Join the Queue

Don’t wait in the queue alone for tickets. Ask your loved ones to sign-up to a website to wait in line with you, because they might have a better chance of buying tickets than you. So, ask your Mom, Dad, best friend and Grandma to join the line of people waiting to buy tickets for an unforgettable festival.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

If possible, subscribe to the festival’s email newsletter, because they may send out news, discount codes or exclusive pre-sale tickets in the run-up to the event. You can, therefore, skip waiting in line and buy tickets in advance. While not all events might offer a newsletter, it’s worth looking at the festival’s website to find out.

Follow the Festival’s Social Media Accounts

We live in a world seemingly defined by social media, which is why many companies want to provide their loyal followers with exclusive discounts. The likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are almost like a modern-day fan club, which is why you should follow the festival’s social media channels so you don’t miss out on any exclusive deals, discounts or pre-sale tickets.

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Hit the Resale Market

Should you be unfortunate to miss out on festival tickets the first time around, you can always try your luck on Ticket Sales, which is a leading reseller website. Whether you are looking for tickets to Coachella or Bonnaroo, you might easily find the event passes on the reseller market. Remember, if there are no tickets available when you first look, regularly check back to see if they have updated the website because you might just find the tickets you have been searching for all along.

With so many exciting festivals taking place across the country, there is bound to be at least one event you can book this year. However, if you really do have your heart set on an event, the above tips are a great way to start. So, subscribe to the festival’s email newsletter, follow their social media accounts, check credit card privileges, ask friends to help and don’t forget to check the resale market.

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