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5 Baby Changing Essentials

April 7, 2016

With the addition of Piglet to our family late last year we are getting to grips with family life with a baby in the house. The first few weeks are a cycle of feeding, changing, cuddles and sleeping (not a bad life). Having had an age gap between each of my children those first weeks take the time to readjust to the needs of such a small person.Those weeks, however, do show you just want is essential when taking care of a baby, especially when it comes to changing nappies. So I thought I’d show

Those weeks, however, do show you just want is essential when taking care of a baby, especially when it comes to changing nappies. So I thought I’d show you my 5 baby changing essentials in time for the Baby and Toddler event at Tesco where you can save yourself some money by stocking up on all those essentials.

5 Baby Changing Essentials

Bag and Handbag


Whether you opt for disposable, cloth or bounce between the two, nappies are of course one of the big baby changing essentials. With newborn babies having on average 10 nappy changes a day it is important to find the nappy that fits your little one well in terms of absorbency, size and of course, softness. One thing everyone will agree upon is getting these for the best possible price – so baby and toddler events are the perfect time to stock up on your favourite brand.


The use of wipes on little ones divides parents, some will be happy to use cotton wool balls and warm water whereas others will always have a pack of wipes to hand. I fall into the wipes to hand camp and all three of my children have had wipes used since the first day they were born (I can’t stand the way cotton wool balls crunch under your fingers as you squeeze them). With all three children, I stocked up on these prior to their birth and again with each new baby and toddler event to make sure that I am getting value for money.

Nappy Bags

I can remember buying one of those nappy bins that wrap each nappy with a twist after each nappy change – it was one of those ‘must-have’ items that I’d read about in all the magazines. It was used up until it got full, which is when I realised what a pain it was to empty (not to mention the smell). After then I switched to individual nappy bags which can be used for so much more than dirty nappies (soiled clothes, wet muslins etc.)

Spare clothes

It still amazes me how someone so small can produce so many bodily fluids, how they get it from their necks to their toes is beyond me so having, at least, one change of clothes on hand is definitely an essential.

Changing Bag

Personally, a changing bag is one of those baby essentials that is an added perk to a handbag addict. Whether you decide to get one to match your pushchair, one that is a fashion statement or one that breaks the bank – at the end of the day, you do need to realise that is meant to be a practical item so make sure you get one that you can fit all the baby changing essentials inside.


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