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4 Best gifts for new Mums and Dads

August 17, 2015

If your friends or family members are going to have a new member of a family, and you just been invited to their baby shower, you need to look for some unique and practical gifts for a baby and for new parents. So today I am going to share my top four gift ideas for such occasion. All these gifts will pamper any future parent-to-be and will help him or her out too! Take it as an inspiration and add your personal touch to it to make it more sentimental and heart-warming. In the end, it is always great to gift!

A Kit for a Dad

A bag of luggage sitting on top of a suitcaseDads sometimes can have some difficulties if they stay alone with a baby for some time, and they might struggle to keep it busy and to make him calm too. So, as a good friend or sibling, you can prepare a “survival” kit for a new daddy. It is a super fun gift if new dad has nice sense of humor and is a great and practical gift too. Customize that kit by your taste and dad’s need, but on the internet, I found one great idea for it too: the Baby Owner’s Manual, a cameo beanie and blanket, Red Bull and caffeinated gum to keep dad energized, and the “mustachifier”. Pack it all in a sleek messenger bag, which could never be mistaken for a diaper bag (even if it is one).

That is it! Fun and practical gift specially made for a dad!

Wooden Toys

This gift is more for a baby than for parents but if you choose a nice gift that can be educational it can be a nice way to show attention too. Look for unique wooden toys that are suitable for boys and girls and gift a new family relic, because of long durability and great quality. Look for such toys online to get it in the best shape and quality for sure. Shop online because of many discounts as well. For instance, with online Target promo codes, you can purchase some nice wooden toys that will be in a family for long. Or if you are a family member, look for some antique toys that were used by your family, and gift it to a new baby to keep up with family tradition and create some nice sentimental value.

A train cake sitting on top of a wooden table

Stroller Hand Warmers

Some cute mittens for new parents can help them take long walks with their new baby in cold fall or winter mornings. These stroller hand warmers are specially made to keep every parent hands warm and let them push that stroller as far as they want. What is actually great about it is that it is attached to a stroller, so new dad or mum will never miss it, or forget to bring it. Gift them some warm hands, literally!

A Day Out

Finally, let new parents get away for a little bit and relax together by gifting them some day at a spa or one-day hotel room reservation with all included. You can even make special “Day out coupons” which new parents can use every time. The idea is that these coupons are actually a gift for parents to have some free time. Anytime they give that coupon to you, that means they want some free time and they want you to take care of a baby. It is a great and fun way to help new parents and bring their energy back with some rest time. Also, you can spend some time with a newborn and make a bond too!

What gift would you buy a new mum or dad?

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