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3 Fresh Ideas for a Mom to Getaway

September 18, 2019

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Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. If you’re here reading these words, you know that, deep in your soul. Have you had a getaway, either solo or with some friends, since you’ve been a parent? If you have, you know the rejuvenation that comes with such an experience, and a break from your responsibilities everyone and life demand of you. If you haven’t, it’s heavily encouraged that you plan one sooner rather than later.

There’s never a good time, so it’s best to commit and make it happen, and enjoy every minute of it! Let’s look at some options to consider for your next getaway if you need some ideas to start the motivation and excitement.

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Travel around Europe

There are seemingly endless options to get a quick weekend getaway, or longer if you’re able, either by train, bus or plane. You can easily book a lovely cottage in the country, or a hotel in the city centre and enjoy a change of scenery for a few days. Whether it’s a few towns over, or another country altogether, taking a few days to disconnect, relax, read a book or take some hikes through the forest, the experience of being a human being, instead of a human doing, is life-changing for many. Going to the South of France for a long weekend, Amsterdam, Prague, Italy, Greece, Ireland, or all of the above if you have the time to go on an extended trip can be exactly what you need to revitalize your zest for life’s demands and expectations. For some, going to a familiar location is what is needed for a recharging experience, and for others, invigoration from the energy of a new place does the trick. You’ll know what’s best for you based on your excitement when you think of each scenario.

Sign up to attend a retreat

In recent years, retreats have become extremely popular to host and attend, for those in and around the wellness community. Retreats serve many purposes and usually are in a beautiful location, which makes it all the better. From silent retreats to meditation retreats, and events like the ones held at the world-famous Chopra Center health retreat in San Diego, there is something for everyone available. No matter your resources available, you can find a retreat that suits your deepest needs for a getaway. With structured and planned events like this, you don’t have to think, you just show up and go with the flow of the professionally planned and organized magic, coming out feeling like a whole new person at the end of it.

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A trip to visit old friends

Adulthood and parenthood are times of loneliness for too many, and it’s too easy to lose touch with people that were once our absolute best friends. Many movies and books have been produced and published around this very topic, so there’s a levity of truth to it that’s all very familiar in society. After college, there aren’t many environments that are easy to make friends in, for the sake of being friends. When you’re feeling life’s lack of friend producing structure and feeling a bit lonely and alone, especially when you’re surrounded by people, take a few minutes and plan a trip to visit old friends. Whether from grade school, college or any time period of your life really, spending time visiting, laughing and reminiscing with old friends can touch your heart and soul like you’ve been needing for years. Humans are social beings, and relationships are deep needs that often go unmet of quality as we progress through marriage, careers, soccer practice routines and all of the responsibilities we fill our time with. Call up your old bestie and make some plans for a reunion, and make it a regular thing. Your life will take a big turn to the excited and happy from it! 

No matter your time and financial budget availability, making plans for a getaway, either solo or with friends, can be exactly what you need to put the stresses of life into a different perspective. Visiting another country, or anywhere with a variety of culture from your own can provide a fresh glimpse into the bigger picture of life, like why we are here and what is important. Travelling, whether near or far, is good for the heart, body, mind and soul. Where will you go next?

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