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Top 15 Dark Arts Spells and their meaning

December 5, 2018

Dumbledore would be horrified to know that I was letting you in on some of the nastiest Dark Arts spells, but how can you defend yourself against them if you don’t know what they are? More to the point, how will you ever be prepared to face the Death Eaters at the Dark Arts exhibit? So, wands at the ready let’s dive into some of the scariest spells to have ever come out of Hogwarts to find out a little more information.

What Are the Dark Arts Spells and What do they mean?

The Dark Arts spells are highly dangerous and forbidden spells in the wizarding world. They are used for malevolent purposes and can cause immense harm. Please remember, these spells are extremely dangerous and should never be used for malicious purposes. They are strictly forbidden by the Ministry of Magic. Here are some of the Dark Arts spells and their meanings:

Killing Curse

Harry’s parents were killed with this ‘unforgivable curse’ and all it took was a flick of the wrist and a scream of ‘Avada Kedavra’ by Voldemort. It’s the worst curse in the non-Muggle world.

Cruciatus Curse

Known as the torture curse for a reason, the pain it causes can turn victims insane before they finally die. Neville Longbottom’s parents were sadly victims of this.

Imperius Curse

Giving the caster full control over the body and mind of the victim, this curse was a favourite of Voldemort’s allies and used for evil.


A nasty little curse created by Severus Snape that left victims bleeding as though they had been slashed with a sword. Ouch.

Babbling Curse

Designed to force victims to talk absolute nonsense whenever they open their mouths. This one could actually be fun, but only in the right hands.

Stickfast Hex

Used to effectively glue a victim’s feet to the ground with supernatural ooze. This offers a sneaky way to win a duel.

Blasting Curse

One shout of ‘confrigo’ and some accurate wand pointing will blow up anything in the witch or wizard’s path, unless it’s quick-slithering Nagini, who dodged it perfectly.

Ear-shrivelling Curse

Used to reduce the victim’s ears to tiny little nubs, this one is more of a practical joke. Just ask Bill Weasley.

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A disorientating spell that renders the victim thrown backwards, onto the floor. It’s particularly useful in duels as not many people expect it.

Fiendfyre Curse

This creates an unstoppable wave of devastating fire that can burn almost anything and is near impossible to control. It almost destroys Horcruxes, too.

Gemino Curse

A sneaky little spell that creates a duplicate of something, allowing the original to be stolen. Dolores Umbridge fell victim to this, but we don’t feel sorry for her.

Horcrux Curse

As dangerous as it is clever! This curse allows a part of a person’s soul to be kept inside an object, but it can only be cast by someone who has committed murder. Immortality has a price.

Hurling Hex

This gets cast by people who want their victim to be bucked from their broom while in the air. It’s very dangerous, especially during Quidditch, as Harry discovered.


Victims of this spell will find themselves dangling upside down in mid-air. Seemingly used by bullies – and not just those in Slytherin, either. Harry’s dad was known to use this.


The incantation shouted to summon Death Eaters. It conjures a terrifying skull in the sky and means trouble, as well as hard-to-defeat-evil, is on the way.

I really don’t recommend that you start hurling these Dark Arts spells around. You don’t want to use Levicorpus on your annoying neighbour Douglas Durning, no matter how much they frustrate you.

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