Wrapping up for winter

November 21, 2014

Being a northerner at heart you’d think I’d be used to the cold weather, however after living in the south for the past 18 years it has made me go a little soft – I do still like the winter though. Those cosy evenings snuggled on the sofa together, brisk school runs which get completed in record time for fear of being blown away if you stand still too long and of course my absolute favourite… Christmas.

Wrapping up for winter

Wrapping up for winter isn’t all about hats, scarves and gloves – it’s about making sure you have enough layers on to keep you warm but easy enough to take off if you get a little too warm. Instead of Mr Boo wearing great big chunky jumpers I’ve converted him to buying some mens cardigans especially the zip up ones as they are warmer than a hoodie but can be unzipped if he starts to get a little hot under the collar. The children have started to wear their vests and making sure that they either have socks or slippers on when they are in the house to stop their little toes getting cold.

Switching on the heating


I’m always very envious of those posting photos on Instagram and Facebook of them sat snuggled in front of a log fire, whilst I only have the comfort of a snugly blanket and the generic heat from the radiators. If we ever move house I feel I need to add a log fire to my list of requirements. In the short term I will be switching on the heating to make sure we are warm enough whilst we are home and off whilst we are all out at school and work. Switching off radiators in rooms that aren’t need to be warmed is a good way of making sure you’re not spending more than you need to on heating. 

How do you wrap up for winter?


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  • William Gould November 22, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    We have thermostatic radiator valves fitted to all radiators except bathroom and toilet, so you can turn unused rooms right down, but not off to keep them aired. Also have thermal lined curtains which are drawn at dusk to keep heat in. They are also good for keeping heat out in the summer!

    • Boo November 23, 2014 at 1:20 pm

      Thermstat radiators are great, we really need to invest in some thermal lined curtains.

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