13 Fashions That Men Will Be Wearing This Year

January 29, 2021

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It is a new year and like every year, fashions change. What used to be in style may still be, and most of your wardrobe might be perfect. However, some of your clothes may be outdated. Those high school jeans from ten years ago just don’t look good on you anymore — ask someone who will tell you the truth! Look through these thirteen fashion trends for men to take an inventory of your wardrobe.


Every year, there seems to be a new pattern utilising checks that becomes fashionable. Watch for the newest looks in flannel shirts for the colder months, and short-sleeved cotton checked prints for the summer. 

Big Coats

Choose a long or oversized coat to follow the trends this year. All the tailoring in jackets and pants will be more relaxed, and your coat should match that same look. Your puffy coat is still in style, so wear it with a smile. 

Bermuda Shorts

The well-known shorts that became popular in the United States in the late 1940s have made a comeback. Bermuda shorts can be so comfortable and the longer length can be more flattering. They really did originate as part of the army uniform in warm countries, including Bermuda. 

Longer Pants and Socks

Showing your ankles and wearing no socks was fashionable ten years ago, but not anymore. It is time to get pants that come to the top of your foot. If some of your favourite pants are on the short side, pull out some fun socks to add some pizzazz to your outfit. 

13 Fashions That Men Will Be Wearing This Year


Not just any stripes will do — this year, look for vertical stripes. It will be easy to find shirts that look great. And a little aside: vertical stripes help you appear slim. If you haven’t dropped those ten pounds, wear your stripes.

Bright Yellow

A pop of yellow will be trending this year. Just choose one of your clothing items to sport this dash of lemon. Find a sweater, hat or even a pair of shoes to create your sunny statement. 


Scarfs, hats and watches can really create a finished look. You can walk through the mall for ideas or choose from My Gift Stop’s Luminox watches that can be purchased online. Hand-knit items as accessories are also in style. Find that knit hat, vest or scarf that gives you a unique look. 


It is easy to wear a solid-coloured sweater over a print shirt to create a business or dressy look. Make sure that you tuck in your slim-fitting shirt, so you don’t have a bunched-up look. As the weather gets warmer, you can switch to a lightweight jacket over a short sleeve shirt. 


Have you tried wearing clogs? They are perfect for wearing at home, and now it is fashionable to wear them anywhere. They come in all kinds of materials, from leather to denim. Once you have realised how comfortable they are, and so easy to slip on and off, you will never want to tie a pair of shoes again!


Who doesn’t love pockets? You should be able to find vests, shirts and pants with extra pockets. Yes, you can still wear those cargo pants you love with all those extra pockets down the legs. 


It was rumoured that jeans were going to go out of style. Well, they didn’t — even if half of the population spent the year wearing sweat pants and staying home. Jeans will seem like dressing up, so go for it. 


Your Dad probably wore a floral shirt back in the 1970s, and that style came back a few years ago. Lucky for you, florals are still trending. Find some shorts or a shirt and try out the look. Just don’t wear floral shorts and a shirt at the same time! 


Outdoor wear is a popular look this year, and fleece is the natural go-to. You can find a jacket or vest that will keep you warm and fashionable. And like the florals, only wear one fleece item at a time. 

Why not get out and have a fashionable year? By choosing one new item each month, you can stick to your clothing budget and create your new look. 

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