Wicked Uncle taking the stress out of buying birthday presents

May 5, 2016

Throughout the year there are is something that causes me more headaches than anything else… buying birthday presents. For a shopaholic, you’d think that this would be an enjoyable experience, a chance to scour the shops for that perfect present.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to head into the city or browse online at what I can buy for those I love, however, it is always so much easier for your own children, for your partner (they’ve usually hinted so that makes it easier) and even close family and friends. However, when it comes to buying birthday presents for Roo and Tigger’s friends I have no idea what to buy them.

Picture the scene… Roo or Tigger walk out of the school gates clutching a birthday party invite, they have such a smile on their face and are so excited at the prospect of all the fun they will have at the party. This is all whilst I sigh and a little black cloud appears above my head at the thought of having to try to buy a present for send birthday child.

Personally, I love those parents who pop a note on the invitation to say what they child would like for their birthday whether it be books, crafts, superheroes or even money as they are saving for a new bike. Thankfully I was introduced to Wicked Uncle a little while back and they have certainly made my life easier.


You see the Wicked Uncle site has broken down their products by gender, age group and even type so I am able to find the perfect present with just a few clicks. There is a great range of toys to choose from within each age group or category as well as price point too (especially if you are anything like me who spends so much on random kids birthdays and a bit extra on their best friends birthdays).

Take a look at my favourites… 

A close up of a sign

Do you find present buying easy?
if so, what is your secret to deciding what to buy?


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