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Why it is important to service your car

September 26, 2017

Whether you own your car outright or have a car loan, your car is a precious asset which should be looked after. Moreover, it keeps you and your loved one safe when you’re commuting for business or pleasure. So it is vitally important to ensure that your car is regularly serviced and maintained. Cars can develop unseen faults which have no symptoms until they become dangerous, so only a trained mechanic can really see the issues that your car can have before they develop fully.

Why it is important to service your car

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Interim Servicing

Most people will be aware of an annual service for MOT if the car is over 4 years old as this is a legal requirement. However, not everyone realises how important an interim service is in catching snags and mechanical faults before they develop into something more serious. Your mechanic will be able to advise you how often your car needs to be serviced. This will depend greatly on the amount of mileage you do every month which will determine wear and tear. However, generally, road conditions will also have a big impact on your car, whether this is potholes or speed bumps as they can take a huge toll on your car’s suspension and chassis.

Full Service

Your car’s combustion engine does a huge volume of work as it covers the miles and reaches really high temperatures. Therefore changing the oil regularly and ensuring that your oil and air filters are clean will ensure that your car runs at its optimum performance. If you fail to service your car regularly, the oil can become thin and dirty and may not be lubricating your engine sufficiently. Moreover, the oil filter and air filter will become clogged with deposits and your engine performance will suffer. This is particularly true of diesel engines as diesel is a heavier less refined fuel than petrol and therefore has more residues which can clog the engine and filters and your catalytic converter.

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Winter check

Clearly coming into the winter months, it’s very important that the tread on your tyres is checked and within the legal parameters. Your tyres are the only thing between you and the road and therefore one of the most important things that keep you safe. If you have low tyre tread or balding tyres, they will react more slowly when you break and could be extremely dangerous extending your stopping distance. An interim service will pick this up and will ensure that all other aspects of your car are checked so that your car is safe to drive. An annual MOT is insufficient to monitor highly dangerous issues such as this and joint wear and tear.

Accidents and Holding Value

Moreover, if you are involved in an accident you will be held legally liable if your car is not roadworthy. Only qualified mechanics such as those at Kwik-Fit.com will be able to determine if your car is in fact roadworthy. So, do ensure that you take your car to a registered mechanic as they will then be able to complete your service history. A Full-Service History is going to help your car hold its value if you are selling it on, as it proves that the car has been regularly maintained and any faults have been detected at the earliest opportunity. Moreover, servicing your car regularly will detect faults before they cause damage and can actually help to minimise the costs of damage by reducing further damage.

Time to take a look at your cars service history and see whether it is due for an interim or full service. It may just save you money in the long run.

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