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How to Create an Aesthetic and Functional Room for Your Toddler

November 29, 2018

As a busy mum, your home should be designed with efficiency in mind, however, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your aesthetic aspirations. When it comes to your toddler’s room, the space should be mindfully curated with pieces that are both picturesque and pragmatic. From beautifully crafted rocking chairs that will soothe your bub into slumber to cute organisation bins for toy storage, there are a number of ways to create a fantastic room for your little one.

A girl sitting on a bed

Design Concepts and Themes

Before you begin styling your toddler’s room, create a cohesive mood board. Use Pinterest as a tool to catalogue all of the creative ideas you stumble upon. When you choose inspiration photos or discover products, they should fit within your established design category and colour scheme. For example, if you’re going for a bohemian look, pin photos of macrame wall hangings, natural wood furniture, dessert-inspired prints and art with muted colours. Don’t stray from your theme, even if you are attracted to pieces that would be great options for a different room design. Instead, look for alternative items that will best suit the room and can be seamlessly integrated for an aesthetic, magazine-quality look.

Sophisticated Furniture That Fits Your Daily Needs

With your design dreams established, consider how the room needs to function for you and your little one. Create a list of essential furniture, then begin your search for standout pieces that will make the room a hip haven. Create a section of the room where you can bond with your child and engage in educational activities. A cosy, reading corner with a glider will give you a special space to snuggle up with your bub for storytime. Invest in other furniture pieces that your bub will use on a frequent basis like a toddler bed, craft table and shelving units.

Artful Accessories

Once you have your design scheme established and toddler-friendly furniture in place, you can move onto accessorizing the space. Bring in special decor that will make the room feel fun and functional. For example, find a cute lamp for the reading corner or statement wall art that brings the theme of the room to life. Additionally, integrate accessories that will support the organization of the room and provide simple storage solutions. Choose bins, tubs and other consoles that are made of materials like metal, felt and wood. Stay away from plastic, as it will detract from the sophistication of your kiddo’s well-designed room.

Projects to Give the Room Personality

Now that the room is functional and stylish, why not add a sentimental touch? Allow your child to insert their personality into the space with a chalkboard wall. Your kiddo can engage in chalk drawing as an activity, then have their creations on display in their room until they’re ready for a blank canvas. You can also add to the chalk wall with seasonally inspired borders and quotes, which keeps the look fresh and relevant. You can also enlist the help of online artists to create custom pieces for the space. For example, Etsy features artists that will create custom illustrations or paintings of your family members, your home or your family pet. Nella Designs is one particular artist that will make a sweet and sentimental drawing of your family — a true treasure that will capture the love of your family.

Giving your toddler the room of their dreams is easy, and you don’t have to sacrifice your own aesthetic to achieve it. From furniture to artwork, follow these steps to put together a room your child will love.

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