A bouquet of pink flowers

What The Dad Said | Valentine’s Day as parents who live on an island

February 17, 2019

Myself and Boo and have been married for a long time now. And whilst we celebrate our wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day is always a challenge in how to celebrate it, or even celebrate it at all? Can we?

Not everyone has readily available childcare

But Valentine’s Day should be another day for us to celebrate together, having basically no child care means this is very tough (same at our wedding anniversary). I heard recently that “it takes a village to raise a family” but for us, we “parents who are on an island” it’s just us, this Valentine’s Day was another example. 

It would have been lovely to take my wife out to see a film, go to a restaurant she likes, treat her, as she does so much for us as a family and would be lost without her. She is the heartbeat of the family, she makes everything happen. So with the opportunity to go out being impossible, I decided to bring the experience to us as much as I can.

A bunch of items that are on a table

Valentine’s Day Dine for Two

With the local M&S around the corner, I thought I’d grab get a pasta dish, Chinese, or something different from their “Dine for Two” range. Which historically has always worked out well, its quality food and a good price and adds a little bit of specialness to the evening. For Valentine’s Day they had a special Dine for Two £20 deal. Allowing me to select a starter, main, side, dessert, chocolates and bottle of wine within the price.

Boo taste buds are quite plain and I have to take this into consideration whenever we eat out or I bring something back. There was a great selection and I could have swapped out several things for myself but what I choose looked delicious. While I was there I decided to get some red roses. Boo isn’t a big lover of flowers, not because of the designs or smells but the price, as normally these were expensive. I saw red roses for £5! so I had to get them for her and knew she wouldn’t moan about the cost.

A bouquet of pink flowers

Let’s get the kids to bed

Opting to wait until the kids had gone to bed so that we could enjoy the meal without interruptions. It was all easy to cook and came out looking great. With the table set up we enjoyed our meal, managing to have a conversation without one of the children chiming in.

We saved the profiteroles from the desert and the chocolate for the films. We choose Sweet home Alabama and Dirty Dancing, two films that Boo loves. I actually like chic flick films I have no problems watching these, the reason why for another day lol. We had a fantastic but chilled night together with great food and our favourite films.

A man and a woman sitting at a table with food, with Design and Dinner
Valentine’s Day dinner complete with baby monitor and token sticker from Piglet

It may not be as fancy as other people’s day, or expensive? Or an incredibly special event. But for us, it is all we can do and we should always make the best of what we can, even with no help we can make it special in our own way, for us.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

You’ve heard from mum, now it’s time to hear what the dad said!

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