Best Ways To Travel To Catalina Island

Best Ways To Travel to Catalina Island

February 17, 2022

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Santa Catalina Island, more commonly known as Catalina, is a 75-square-mile island located off the coast of Southern California, 22 miles from Los Angeles and 87 miles from San Diego. Catalina offers beaches, wildlife, hiking, resorts, and nightlife.

There are two main destinations in Catalina. People who love the outdoors typically head to Two Harbors, which is the smaller and more quaint of the two communities. Two Harbors is located between Catalina Harbor and Isthmus Cove. It has a few resorts and many camping cabins and campgrounds. 

Avalon is the larger and more popular of the two communities on Catalina. Though its beaches also offer ocean and land activities, the emphasis is on luxurious relaxation and pampering. Avalon is home to a golf course and a spa in addition to restaurants and hotels. It is more of a resort community than Two Harbors. 

The differences in the two communities allow Catalina to appeal to tourists of all tastes. Getting to the island is reasonably easy as well, especially due to its close proximity to a couple of major cities. 

Travelling by Ferry

You can use Fareharbor Catalina to book a ferry trip from Los Angeles to the Island. There are two different ferry lines, Catalina Flyer and the Catalina Express, that shuttle passengers to and from the island several times a day. The one-way ferry right takes about an hour. The downside of the ferry is that you cannot leave whenever you want; you have to plan your trip around the ferry’s regular schedule. With the ferries making up to 30 trips a day, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but it can be annoying. Another downside of the ferry is that it doesn’t book private trips, so you will probably be travelling alongside strangers. 

Best Ways To Travel To Catalina Island

Travelling by Sailboat

Another way to get to Catalina is to charter a sailboat for a special trip. If you choose this option, you can schedule the trip for whenever you want rather than having to adjust your schedule to the ferry’s departure times. You can also be more selective in your company, arranging a trip for a large party while avoiding a ferry crowded with strangers. You can even make the trip over into an event, incorporating a private dinner on a boat. Another advantage of travelling to Catalina by charter sailboat is that, unlike the ferry, which only departs from Los Angeles, you can set off from other locations along the Southern California coast. 

Travelling by Helicopter

Available on demand during certain days and hours, the Island Express Helicopter Service is another way to book a private trip to Catalina. It is the fastest way of getting there as the trip by air from San Pedro or Long Beach only takes 15 minutes, and also provides a magnificent view of the ocean and the island from the air. Since Catalina is an island, the only ways to get there are by air or by water. Think about arranging a San Diego corporate event boat charter when you are ready for a day trip or weekend excursion.

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