Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe When on Holiday

August 11, 2016

The summer holiday season is in full swing, with everyone jetting off somewhere warm and sunny before school starts again. I’m not sure about you, but there is always that niggly, foreboding feeling when you have to leave the house for so long. Did I turn the oven off? Is the back door locked? What if someone breaks in?! To stop that horrid feeling of dread when you’re away, here are some top tips for keeping your home safe.

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All Locked Up and Turned Off

It’s the one thing that always plays on your mind when you leave the house. Is everything turned off and have I locked everything up? Of course, these are two key things you’ll have to do if you want to keep your home safe. If you usually write a holiday checklist, add these things on. That way, you won’t forget to get it done! Make sure all windows are locked, as well as the doors. Turn everything possible off, including appliances and sockets – other than your fridge, freezer and Sky box of course!

Ask a Neighbour

Are you friendly with your neighbour? If so, they could be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping the home safe when on holiday. You don’t have to be best buddies with your next door neighbour to ask them to keep an eye. As long as you trust them, let them know you’re going away. Give them an emergency contact number and ask them to let you know if anything suspicious happens. Of course, offer to repay the favour the next time they go away. Looking out for each other’s houses is something not a lot of people do anymore, but it’s a surefire way to keep it safe.

Sound the Alarm

Investing in an alarm system may be the best idea if you don’t entirely trust your neighbour to keep an eye. Alarms these days don’t need to be expensive – and many don’t require a whole day’s work on the house either! You can get wireless alarm systems which are easily installed, and don’t cost anywhere near as much as traditional alarms. Plus, they do exactly the same job, so it’s a win-win situation. Most of the time, just a hint of an alarm system will deter potential thieves. That’s why so many people put fake alarm boxes on the outside of their house!

Schedule Your Lights

This is a really cool tip I picked up from a friend. When going on holiday, many people will turn a random light on and hope that makes it look like someone is in. However, if anyone is watching the house, then they’re going to realise what’s happening pretty quickly. This is where light timers come in! You simply plug your lamps into these, then program what times you want them to switch on and off. If you get a 7-day timer, then you’ll also be able to play around with different times on different days. It’s such a clever way of making it look like someone is in the house, without having to spend too much money at all.

Pair your light trickery with an alarm system and a friendly neighbour, and your house will become Fort Knox. Just don’t forget to turn everything (other than the light timers) off when you leave. No more worrying about your home on holiday. Phew!


Disclosure: This is a featured post, however, we all need to think about our home safety when we go on holiday

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