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Fed up with your mouldy shower curtain?

February 8, 2018

Have you had enough of your mouldy shower curtain bringing your bathroom’s décor into disrepute? Cleaning the curtain or replacing it is one option, but then are you simply throwing good money after bad? How long before your new shower curtain gets tainted with the same mouldy brush?

There is one simple solution. Invest in a bath shower screen. We’ve put together a guide for everything you need to know about bath shower screens, so you can kiss goodbye to mouldy shower curtains and give your bathroom a cheeky upgrade.

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The ultimate guide to bath shower screens

What is a bath shower screen?

A bath shower screen is simply a glass screen fitted to the edge of the taps end of your bath, which allows you to stand in the bath and shower whilst preventing water from going all over the bathroom floor. These can be bought separately and fitted to existing baths or some new baths can be purchased with a shower screen, which gets fitted together at installation.

Why choose a bath shower screen?

Bath shower screens look much more stylish than a simple shower curtain, and they offer a greater level of protection against water spray and leaks. A bath shower screen is a cost-effective way of creating a shower enclosure if space is at a premium. They also look tidier and are far more hygienic than shower curtains, which, as you know, can easily become mouldy. Glass shower screens are incredibly easy to clean, so can easily be incorporated into your weekly or daily bathroom cleaning routine.

Do bath shower screens offer complete protection from leaks?

How good your bath shower screen is at deflecting water and preventing water leakage whilst you are taking a shower will depend on a number of factors. The size of the screen versus the power and spray perimeter of your shower should be a consideration when you are purchasing a bath shower screen. Also, as a general rule, the more moving parts or panels a screen has, the less water resistance it will offer.

Bath screens are definitely better at keeping the water from spraying onto the bathroom floor than regular shower curtains. For a start, most bath shower screens are attached directly to the wall next to the showerhead and are sealed to create a watertight barrier.

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What are the different types and styles of bath shower screens?

There are many different types of shower screen. Some are simple fixed panels, while others are hinged, four panel, or four fold. Folding versions may not be quite so watertight as fixed ones, but they make it easier to access the tub when it comes to giving the kids a bath, so you’ll need to weigh up what the most important feature is for you.

Bath shower screens come in many different styles, which makes them a really versatile choice for any bathroom. You will be able to find a style that suits your personal tastes and the style of your bathroom. It is worth noting that some bath shower screens are not suitable for baths with power showers or pumped systems, so always check suitability before you buy.

Bath shower screens can be made to order if you have awkward dimensions, such as a low ceiling, and come in a range of different glass thicknesses. If you prefer to create some privacy, you can opt for frosted or patterned glass.

How much do bath shower screens cost?

The cost of bath shower screens varies considerably according to specifications. Simple, single panel bath screens start from as little as £50 for the most basic and go up to £600 or more for bespoke, frameless versions. If you’re not confident with your DIY skills, you’ll need to factor in the cost of hiring someone to fit the screen for you.

How do you measure up for a bath shower screen?

When purchasing a bath shower screen it is imperative that you measure up correctly to ensure a seamless fit. Make sure all your tiles are fitted and grouting jobs finished. Measure the height of the showering area (from the edge of the bath upwards) and along the edge of the bath where the screen will sit. Remember to take into account any obstructions on the wall. Now you have your measurements, you are ready to shop.

Do I need to do anything before fitting my bath shower screen?

Yes. Before fitting your bath shower screen, make sure your bathroom is clean. Also, make sure all waterproofing and grouting are done, and tiles are fitted.

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