The Month That Was - November 2020

The Month That Was… November 2020

December 1, 2020

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It’s time to pack away the birthday goodies for another year after all three of the children celebrated their November birthdays. They each enjoyed their birthdays in their own way. Although it was sad that due to the Lockdown 2.0 restrictions we were unable to enjoy a day out or family trip as we would normally.

The month that was… November 2020

Lockdown 2.0

Whilst we have been living life in lockdown since March in one way or another. The prospect of heading into another national lockdown felt like a step backwards on all we managed to achieve from the first lockdown. However, there is the hope that this will set us on the right path ahead of the festive season – although it doesn’t feel as though many people have taken it as seriously as they did the first lockdown.

Lockdown birthdays

Given that the children celebrate their birthdays in the same month and towards the end of the year. I’d hoped that they would be able to have a slice of normality for their birthdays. Alas the Lockdown 2.0 starts on Roo’s birthday and continued throughout Tigger’s and Piglet’s birthdays.

Roo turns fourteen

The start of another lockdown caused just one big worry for Roo concerning her birthday. Would I be able to get her the Marks and Spencer’s Colin the Caterpillar cake that she wanted. Luckily I managed to pick this up a few days early in order to be prepared and not have to make a non-essential journey during the lockdown (although I’m sure that Roo would have thought that this was an essential journey). So she was very happy to be able to enjoy this as her birthday cake. With the schools remaining open she was able to spend the day with her friends despite not having a full celebration outside of school with them.

Tigger turns ten

Double digits for Tigger this year, how did that happen? A non-school day birthday meant that he didn’t have his friends in person. However, managed to enjoy party chat via his Playstation 4 whilst playing games together. A lowkey birthday for him but he isn’t one for fuss and bother. He did manage to enjoy an early birthday tea of a footlong sausage and chips from his favourite chip shop.

Piglet turns five

With Roo and Tigger’s birthdays just days apart I do always feel for Piglet as she has to wait until the end of the month to enjoy hers. The wait almost too much to bear for an almost five year old. Loving the big birthday badge she got to wear to school, ensuring that everyone knew it was her special day.

Falling at the first hurdle

I was pleased to find a position working nights this month. Hoping that a regular income would make things a little easier than relying on being a freelancer, especially given the world we live in at the moment. Unfortunately, I fell at the first hurdle and lasted just two nights. Being sick on the second night and sent home not fulfilling my training hours and ending my contract. Needless to say, I have been wallowing in a big dollop of self-pity.

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