The many faces of a Christmas Elf {The Ordinary Moments}

Quite some time ago Tigger learnt all about different facial expressions at nursery. They have a blackboard out in their playground and they had drawn happy, sad, angry and shocked faces on there. Tigger has always been quite funny with his facial expressions, never failing to make you feel sorry for him if you have told him off for something or pulling a cute face when he wants to get his own way.
As we were putting the Christmas decorations away on Sunday Tigger and Roo decided that they would dress up. Roo as usual in her wedding dress (best buy ever!) and Tigger opting to put Roo’s elf costume on. They came downstairs and Mr Boo took a little snap of them on his phone, which cued Tigger to ask me to get my phone out to take a photo. Tigger being a little narcissistic always likes the front facing camera so he can see the photo as it happens.
He decided to showcase his many faces…
The many faces of a Christmas Elf {Ordinary Moments}
1. Happy | 2. Angry | 3. Shocked | 4. Silly (I *may* have taught him that one)
Certainly broke up the boring task of putting the Christmas decorations away after another festive season.
Boo xxx

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