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The homeowners guide to laminate flooring

October 26, 2018

Laminate flooring is a good compromise between hardwood floors and the least expensive flooring options. The best of both worlds. Laminate flooring is generally four layers. A backing layer, a fibreboard base, a printed area with the pattern, and a top layer of clear resin. It has good moisture resistance and wear and can last 20 years if taken care of. The laminate flooring installation cost can help you decide if it is a good compromise between expense and luxury for your home. It’s manufactured and easy to clean. It’s easy to install and it’s fairly easy to remove and replace so you can change the look of a room again.

Laminate flooring can look like almost any kind of flooring

Laminate flooring, if installed correctly, is especially good in areas where it might get damp or wet. This means it works well in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture can collect and warp real wood. You can still have it look almost exactly like real wood flooring, but without all the problems that can occur with real wood. Make sure you get a good laminate that seals the edges though, otherwise you will still suffer the dampness problems.

A vase with flowers in front of a window

Warm ceramic tile

According to plumbers in Sydney, ceramic tile and stone look beautiful, but you still have a cold, hard surface. With a laminate floor, you can make it look exactly the same as a tile or marble floor, but it will have the warm feeling of the laminate. It will also be much more forgiving if you drop something on it.

Easy to clean

Laminate flooring can last 20 years or even longer if you take care of it. We suggest that you vacuum your floor before you mop it. You do not need to use floor cleaner, you can just use regular water when you clean your floor. Save the floor cleaner for heavier accidents that may have left a dried up residue. You can actually use white vinegar or alcohol to clean as well, as often the soapy floor cleaners will leave a residue that will take away from the look of your flooring.

Easy to install

If you enjoy do it yourself projects, laminate floors are a great one to do. There are many guides and it is not a hard thing to install. Generally, it’s tongue and groove and the pieces snap together. There is a lot of help online for the actual installation, covering such things are the edge boards, and getting it sized correctly.

Flexible and creative

Laminate floors can show almost any design, including flooring surfaces such as some types of wood that would be too fragile or soft to make a wood floor from. You can have marble without the upkeep issues, or slate without the cold hard feel.

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Glue or floating floor

There are two different ways to install laminate floors. The most common method is called a floating floor. This means that the flooring is not actually attached to the surface of the floor below it and it just floats on top of it. This is the most common for do it yourself people, as you can walk on it almost immediately. Glue is also a good option though, as it will seal the floor and help keep the dampness out in areas such as a kitchen or a bathroom

Abrasion rating

When you’re buying laminate flooring make sure to ask about the abrasion class rating. This way you can pick the one that’s right for the space you’re trying to cover. If it’s a high traffic area traffic area you want a stronger floor. For instance, if you have pets, they can ruin a wood floor, but a laminate floor with a high abrasion rating will be perfect.

Use a quality laminate

There are many different companies that make laminate flooring. Make sure you are using high-quality flooring and a reputable company. Saving a few pounds by getting a cheap floor from a cheap manufacturer can cause more problems in the long run. Don’t take any chances.


You don’t have to stick to just flat, smooth laminates. You can have textured and embossed, and make that laminate look like almost any other flooring. From ceramic tile to marble or any other pattern in-between. You can even make the laminate look like antique flooring. Laminate flooring can be textured in many ways to give you that unique look.

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Acclimatize before you install

Though you might be eager to install it, you need to leave your flooring out for a few days, so it can acclimatize to your environment. How hot or cold it is in your house and what the humidity is. That way when you install it, there is less chance of swelling or shrinkage and you will have a better floor.

These are just a few things to know about laminate flooring, there are many more things to learn if you decide to move forward. Decide if you are going to install it yourself, or if you will hire a reputable company to do it for you. Learn what other flooring accessories you might need. Laminate floors can give a room a new lease on life and you can get extremely creative in design and how you want it to look. Let your inner designer loose and enjoy.

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