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The Best Gifts For You And Your Pet

January 8, 2020

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Christmas may be over, but it doesn’t mean that present buying has to stop. Who doesn’t love to buy for their pets? If they’ve been a good boy or girl, then they deserve a treat every now and then and even better, you could treat yourself to by getting them something that keeps them busy and needing less attention from you, giving you more time to get on with other things. Need some ideas? Then look no further:

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Heated Bed

Okay, this one won’t keep your pet busy, but it might make them stay in bed later. A nice warm bed for your cat or dog will keep them warm in the winter months, and if they have sore joints, it will help them too. 

Cat Scratching Post

An indispensable item for cat owners, as having something as simple as cat scratching posts can help with so many things. They help little kittens who have a lot of built-up energy; they provide an alternative for your furniture which cats love to scratch, and scratching is actually good for your cat’s health. It keeps their claws in proper shape and is an excellent exercise for them too. 

LickiMat Slow Feeder Mat for Food and Treats

Spoil your pet with a lick mat, which is ideal for cats, puppies, small and medium dogs, and it will keep them busy for ages. All you need to do is to spread your pet’s favourite healthy soft treat over the mat surface, this will keep them entertained, and it also stimulates saliva to aid digestive health. A LickiMat is also perfect for chunky treats like mushy bits of meat and fish.

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Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

This is brilliant to keep your cat entertained and captivate its attention. The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy is a stimulating cat toy that simulates prey popping out from six entries with a randomized and fast-paced feel. It also has LED lighting and will help to keep your cat nimble, physically fit, and mentally stimulated. 

Hide a Squirrel Interactive Puzzle

This is the cutest puzzle for your dog. Hide a Squirrel by Outward Hound lets yous dog carry on chasing squirrels at home, not just in the park. Just put the squeaky squirrels into the tree trunk, and then get your dog to pull them out. You can keep the game going by just stuffing them in again and again. It’ll keep them entertained for ages. 

An Interactive Ball Launcher

Several different brands are making these, so shop around to see which one looks right for you, but essentially, it does what it says on the tin. An interactive ball launcher will launch balls for your dog so that you don’t have to. You can do it indoors or outdoors; you can have it on when you’re not at home, so your dog will still be entertained, and it’s perfect for dog owners with mobility issues. Your dog can play fetch all day long.

Trixie Dog Activity Poker Box

This is a strategy game that dogs have to learn, which means teaching them a whole new skill. It can take them some time to figure out which keeps them entertained for much longer than other standard toys.

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