The Educated Guess by Warwick Sharp

January 8, 2020

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Why challenging invisible biases could help us all when we make education choices…

Education opens the door to the future. It allows us to go wherever our hard work and talents can take us. People who have had a good education can enjoy the full share of citizenship, shape the world around them, and enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

Making poor educational choices

When I think back to the choices I made regarding my own education, I’m disappointed with myself for throwing away what opportunities could have been open to me. If only I had applied myself in the right way and not squandered the teachings I’d received. Hindsight, of course, is a wonderful thing. Allowing us to see the whole the picture rather than the blinkered viewpoint we have at the time.

Choosing a better educational path for my children

When I became a parent, I like most other parents, wanted the best for my children. With education a focal point in the path that I wanted to direct them down. Ensuring that they had all the opportunities available to them and to hopefully advise them that getting a good education is vital. Everything else will lead off after they have an education under their belts.

The Educated Guess by Warwick Sharp

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The Educated Guess is the first book in a new series exploring how we commonly think about education. By drawing on wide-ranging expertise and advice from many sources, it lifts the lid on our widely held views and discusses how they play out.

The aim of this flagship book is to help anyone facing decisions about education – from choosing schools through to deciding on the best qualification options – spot the invisible biases we all have and make better choices.

Thoughts on The Educated Guess

This book was really thought-provoking, challenging me to think about the decisions I have made for my children in terms of their education. Allowing me to see things from a different viewpoint without it undermining decisions and options that I have had made previously. Psychological, social, and educational considerations throughout the book will have you thinking about the bigger picture as well as the pathway in front of you as a parent making educational decisions for your own children.

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About the author

Warwick Sharp is ideally placed to explore how this decision-making process applies to education. He has a decade of experience in education policy, has been a teacher and a governor, and has visited over 100 education institutions. In this book, Warwick draws on a huge range of research and evidence, bringing in advice and expertise from many sources.

Where can I buy The Educated Guess?

The Educated Guess by Warwick Sharp is available to buy from Amazon. Published in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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The Educated Guess

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