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June 10, 2019

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Have you ever wanted a way to organise your child’s small toys, like LEGOs or beads and crafts? A way to let your child take these toys with them on car journeys or train trips? What if one box could do all of this and more? The Teebee travel toy box can!

As a family, we tend to travel quite a bit, whether it is the everyday tasks such as taking one of the children to swimming lessons or after-school activities. Visiting family and friends or heading off on long adventures for days out and staycations in the UK. Whilst the children are accustomed to travelling in the car, they do naturally get bored with the same car games, listening to me sing etc.

This is where the Teebee travel toy box has really helped. With Piglet and Tigger each having their own to keep different activities in to keep them occupied. Tigger naturally gravitates to LEGO, whilst Piglet has a love of colouring – both are great as Roo who is often sandwiched between the two of them in the car can access both activities should she want to.

What is the TeeBee Toy Box?

The TeeBee box is a plastic box that has a deep container and sorting trays. The TeeBee box comes in seven colours. Each box comes with a leather strap, a sorting tray, a brick plate, the kind used for LEGOs and other building blocks, and stickers. These stickers can be used to personalise the TeeBee Box.

A little girl holding a toy
A little girl sitting in a plastic container

Ways to Use TeeBee Toy Box

  1. LEGO – If your child likes LEGO, they will love to carry their building blocks inside in the TeeBee Box. Kids can put the blocks inside of the storage container. Using the brick plate on the tray, kids can build to their heart’s content. You can buy additional building plates if you want to make multiple building sections.
  2. Building Kits – Besides LEGO, can store other building kits, like models and car kits, in their TeeBee box. With the sorting trays, kids can build on one section, place the tools on another, and store the building pieces in the center.
  3. Crafts – Kids love to craft. With the TeeBee Box, kids can store all of their craft supplies inside the box. With the sorting trays, kids have a built in table to craft on.
  4. Play Cards – Kids can store cards inside of the TeeBee box and use the trays as tables during playtime.
  5. Colouring – With the TeeBee box, kids can store paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils and other drawing materials inside and carry it with them wherever they go. The sorting trays work as a place to press on when the kids color.
  6. Snack Holder – Even if toys are not what you want to carry, the TeeBee box is also good for carrying snacks and a water bottle or juice box. Kids always want their snacks and this is an easy and fun way to carry.
  7. Parents Like it Too – There are many things that the TeeBee box can be used for parents too. Use it to display decorations or baked goods. There are many ways to display them. With the multi-level design, you can have something out for display while others are deeper in the center.
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A little girl eating a donut

No matter what you choose to use the TeeBee Box for, it is designed to make things easier. Parents and Kids alike will enjoy the TeeBee Box.

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