How Tapestries Can Add Character To Your Interiors

How Tapestries Can Add Character To Your Interiors

December 16, 2021

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If you’d like to add a unique charm to your home, you may want to consider decorating with tapestries. They’re some of the most versatile decorative items you can add to a room. Each of the tapestries will tell its own story and draw in anyone who looks at them.

Using Tapestries to add character to your home

Using tapestries to add depth and colour to a room can also change the character of your home. Here are the different ways this unique decorating style can do just that in any room at home:

How Tapestries Can Add Character To Your Interiors
Orange night lamp light in a cottage bedroom interior with a wall art hanging above a bed. Real photo.

By Highlighting A Focal Point

Because tapestries immediately draw in the eyes, they can be made into interesting focal points for various rooms. Bright colours, vivid images, and the size of the tapestry may create that special accent you’re looking to add to the room. Check out online art shops that also offer custom tapestry prints like Fine Art America if you want more freedom with creating your own design.

By Telling A Story

From architectural and cultural landscapes to historical events drawn with artistic flair, the tapestry you choose can tell a story. Consider a design that would depict the story you’d like to tell to all who will see this beautiful art piece.

By Creating An Illusion

You can create numerous illusions in any room you hang these tapestries in. If you hang one horizontally on a wall, it can create the illusion that the room is elongated. The same illusion can be used vertically to draw the eye in and make the room seem bigger from floor to ceiling. You can also create a cosy reading corner, a statement mantelpiece, or a romantic bedroom depending on the image you’ve chosen.

By Adding A Dramatic Draping

Create a different kind of flare with draping instead of hanging your tapestry. Draping it over an old chair to give it new life, adding it to a table instead of a normal table cloth and spreading it over a bed are just some of the ways you can try to add more colour to the room while giving it that relaxed feel and comfort.

By Serving As An Art Decor

Another creative way to use tapestries is to have them framed before hanging. These make for an interesting piece of art that would create a more artistic focal point. You can use a normal frame and glass if you’d like it to be more protected or you can use a box frame for a more organic look. Using a rod or rail could also work well, especially if the tapestry is large in size. Hang the tapestry from the rod or rail to use as a wall covering or as a curtain for a small window – the possibilities are endless.

By Making Your Bedroom Chic

The use of a tapestry as a throw or spread is commonly suggested, but what about using it as a statement decor piece for your bed? You can cover your headboard or use the tapestry to create a canopy for your bed. Another way is to hang your tapestry between two bedposts to create the illusion of a headboard or loosely drape it between one bedpost and other furniture like a bedside table to take the eye to another focal point in the room.

How Tapestries Can Add Character To Your Interiors
Colourful striped hand woven tapestry with fringe hanging on a pillar indoors in a studio

Materials And Sizing

Using different kinds of materials in tapestries has been a century-old tradition. Make sure to choose the one that would fit your room and the feel you’d like to create. Newer tapestries use various blends of fibres whereas older tapestries mostly made use of chenille fibres. Ideally, the tapestry’s type of fabric and material should be based on how you want to use it. Chenille tapestries are generally used as throws or coverings while woven ones will be more suitable for hanging.

To determine the size you need, look at the room and the available space you have for your tapestry. If you have a small room, you cannot use a tapestry that is too big as this will make the room feel even smaller. The same can be said for draping over furniture. The bigger the furniture piece, the bigger the tapestry needed. Gauging the size of the room or furniture piece along with the size of the statement you would like to make will all be important when making your decision.

Tying It All Together 

There are so many versatile ways that tapestries can be used and with the various materials, fabrics, designs and colours, you’ll surely find one that will brighten up your home. With the help of the tips above, let your creativity flow and transform your home into a space you’ll love.

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