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Taking a look at #YourNewMcdonalds

October 18, 2017

Can you remember when you first became aware of McDonald’s? I know I can. I was sitting watching Santa Claus the Movie in which there is a scene where the homeless boy Joe is stood staring through the window. Fast forward a number of years to when I met and started dating Mr. Boo, who worked in one of our local McDonald’s restaurants. He worked there for around 2-3 years and became shift manager before leaving. So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited along to the recently transformed McDonald’s Norwich Airport to see how McDonald’s has changed.

Taking a look at #YourNewMcdonalds

Table and Restaurant

The first thing you can’t help but notice when you walk into a transformed McDonald’s restaurant (they are aiming for all to be completed by 2018) is the fresh, modern and welcoming feel. Gone are the cold days of cream booths, canteen style tables and the feeling you are eating in a takeaway outlet. This has been replaced with funky seating options, bold colours, and segmented areas to make it feel cosy. Providing somewhere you can sit and enjoy a meal with family or friends.

A digital era

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Whilst McDonald’s still have the traditional till service should you want to order that way. They have also moved with the times and have switched over to the digital era. With self-service digital kiosks available within the foyer for you to browse and place your order. Looking to customise your order? They have it all sorted for you, simply hit the customise button at the top of the screen next your ordered items and remove the pickles (everyone removes the pickles, right?).

The digital kiosk is also wheelchair friendly with the press of a button the large display moves down to a more comfortable viewing point so that orders can be placed easily (perfect for children too). They also have a member of the crew on hand should you require any assistance but it is all pretty straightforward – leading to a fast and efficient way to order your food and drinks.

Collection – Takeaway or Table Service?

So you’ve ordered your food time to wait in the queue for collection? Well yes and no. If you are grabbing food on the go then the traditional collection method is for you. Although you’ll note that there is a number on your receipt now and you’ll be called up as soon as your order is ready for collection – gone are the days of shouting out Big Mac, large fries, and a diet coke).

If you are going to be enjoying your food either in the restaurant or within the outdoor space, then why not try the table service. Yes, McDonald’s do table service. Simply select which table area you are sitting in (there are large signs hanging above each area), take a sit, pop your receipt on the table and await the arrival of your food. The crew member will also have straws, condiments, and napkins available on their utility belt so don’t forget to ask for anything you need.

Made to order – Big Mac

A large sandwich sitting on top of a table

In order to see what goes on behind the scenes, I donned a special McDonald’s crew apron, cap (and hair net) and badge before making my way into the kitchen. Invited to see how the iconic Big Mac is made and most importantly I was going to get the opportunity to create one myself. Looking and how much goes into a Big Mac I was worried that I would forget an element or place them in the wrong order. However, Ed (the patience McDonald’s crew member) kindly talked me through it step by step and actually made it a lot less complicated than I thought it was.

Did you know that takes 35 seconds to make a Big Mac? 17 seconds of which are for the bun to toast!

The proof is in the pudding so they say, or in this case the Big Mac – as I got to enjoy the Big Mac I’d just loving created. As someone who usually opts for the Big Tasty, I feel I might need to switch back to ordering Big Macs – delicious! I’m not quite sure I’m up to McDonald’s standards in terms of speed and efficiency but it was great fun to do.

Ronald McDonald House Charity Events

A close up of a sign

For years you may have been popping your loose change inside one of the house-shaped collection boxes by the till, but do you know what that money is used for? The Ronald McDonald House Charity offers a range of support for parents of children who require being in the hospital for long periods of time as well as enabling them to access health care where required.

Alongside the collection boxes available at the store or via the drive-thru, many of the McDonald’s branches are celebrating RMHC day on Saturday 21st October. A day filled with fundraising activities, dress up and fun for all the family – please do try to pop into your local McDonald’s and support this fantastic charity (having known a few families who have required the services of RMHC).

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s who invited me to see the #YourNewMcDonalds first hand

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