Where do you store your cleaning products? [AD]

March 5, 2019

If I asked you to think back to your childhood and tell me where your mum kept the laundry and cleaning products. I can almost guarantee the answer is under the kitchen sink. It is in that cupboard that she would keep all the washing powder, the bleach, the disinfectant etc. Alongside a host of dusters, cloths and black sacks.

The Stains Family Life Throws at Us

February 12, 2019

Stains are part of life, and even more so if you have a family. Living in the modern world is stressful, and that alone can create sweat stains. Plus, children often have little concern with dirt, resulting in grass stains, food stains, or even the stains on their sleeves as they wipe their nose for the twentieth time.

Designing An Easy-Clean Home

October 3, 2018

Got kids? Got pets? Simply had enough of cleaning? There are many ways to make cleaning around the home less of a chore. Most people invest in new cleaning gadgets and chemicals to help take the elbow grease out of cleaning. However, instead of looking for new tools, you could make cleaning easier by instead making improvements to your home. Here are just a few tricks for designing an easy-clean home that might not just make cleaning easier but prevent cleaning altogether in some cases.

The Quest to Find the Perfect Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

June 8, 2018

Any commercial space needs to be cleaned just like you would clean your home! Whether it is a hotel, factory, or office space, a dirty property can be the death of your business. Cleaning does not only mean a mop and a bucket. These have become old school methods! A small spill can be handled with a mop and bucket; but what about the deep cleaning projects? You need the right equipment to get it done!

How to deep clean your house like a pro

January 14, 2017

You probably clean your house regularly but sometimes it’s great to do a one-off deep clean just to deal with everything that has built up over the course of the year. Whether you’re spring, summer or winter cleaning, here’s the best in-depth approach to getting your home spic and span:

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