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#SNSHamper Tots & Tykes

June 28, 2017

A little while back I received a very exciting email from the Social Network Solutions team asking me to get involved in their Tots & Tykes campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to showcase a selection of baby and family brands in the form of a hamper. Agreeing before understanding the reality that I would have to sit in front of the camera – which is not something I usually do. However, we should always do something each day that scares us (this was mine!).

#SNSHamper Tots & Tykes

Fast forward to receiving the most beautifully packed hamper, complete in a white washed wooden crate that I now want to use for everything. Resisting the urge to rip it all open like a child on Christmas morning I made an unboxing video for my YouTube channel.

Please take a look at my unboxing of the #SNSHamper Tots & Tykes – it’s a little long and I waffle quite a bit but I felt it was important to share my thoughts on each product rather than ‘oh look at this‘.

#SNSHamper Tots & Tykes – The Brands

Well done if you sat through my twenty minutes of waffling, sorry I’m a talker! I thought I’d give you a better idea of what was included within the hamper. So please take a look at the different brands and items below:


Living in Norwich means that we are incredibly lucky to have the Start-rite factory and their amazing factory shop on hand for all our footwear needs (although I wish they did an adults range). I digress… Within the hamper, Start-rite has kindly included a voucher for us to purchase some pair shoes. I just have to decide who is going to be treated. I imagine it will be Roo as she is always saying she doesn’t have enough shoes (although probably owns more than the rest of us).

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Pigeon Organics

With Roo and Tigger, I dressed them quite conservatively. With Piglet, however, her personality is bright and bold which is reflected in the clothes I select for her. Pigeon Organics kindly sent Piglet a pink Breton long-sleeved top along with some cute shorts complete with dog detailing. Pigeon Organics is not a brand I’m familiar with, however, after seeing how cute this outfit is I will be heading over to check out the rest of their range.

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Tiddlers & Nippers

Piglet recently started at nursery two mornings a week. Which whilst we have a small notebook which is used for communication for food, naps, and nappy changes – it is in no way fantastic. The Tiddler Toddle Tracker from Tiddlers & Nippers is the perfect solution to this problem. Offering clear sections for daily activities, food, sleep and nappy changes etc. This is going to be great to take in and introduce to the nursery staff.

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Tiddlers and Nippers 20% off discount code: TTHAMPER2017


The Frezyderm people were very generous in sending something for each of my three children. Taking note of their age and possible ailments with their sensitive kids’ range of products. Starting with Piglet there is a baby cream with acts as a barrier for nappy changes. The large 175ml tube looks like it will last us a while and I’m keen to try this as she tends to get a sore bottom. For Tigger some styling gel, who has just discovered the world of styling hair rather than the bed head look, he had previously been sporting. Whilst Roo who has inherited my curly locks has some detangling spray which I can’t wait to use as combing her hair after a shower is a challenge.

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Little Butterfly London

When I went on maternity leave my colleagues put together a little hamper for me and inside was a little gift set from Little Butterfly London. So I was very happy to receive some of their different products within the Tots & Tykes hamper. From baby massage oil, nappy change cream, stretch mark butter and illuminating day cream. The Little Butterfly London range is beautiful and one that looks great on the side in the nursery too.

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Little Butterfly London 15% Discount Code: SARAH15LBL

Blade & Rose

I have adored Blade & Rose leggings from afar for a while now. Wanting to wait until Piglet was on the move before I purchased some so that I could gain the full on cute effect from her walking around. These stunning red knitted leggings with daisy detailing are adorable and I’m sure will look fab paired with either a t-shirt or long-sleeved top.


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Bria Organics

With all three children suffering from dry, eczema prone skin I am always looking for something to ease their symptoms. The Bria Organics – Organic Balm intrigues me as it is made by a mum. Whom I imagine had exhausted other options and wanted to help her child(ren). I’m keen to try this and see how we get on with it.

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Bia Organics Free Delivery Code: FREED3


We travel on various days out quite often as a family. So having access to easy to prepare food for Piglet makes things go much smoother. After discovering Babease pouches at an event recently we are loving the range of flavours available. Alongside the pouches, they included a couple of recipe ideas using the Babease pouches so I will have to give these a try.

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Bundle Bean 

Bundle Bean is a company I have loved from afar since Tigger was a baby. Their multi-use footmuff can be used in a variety of different ways. From footmuff, sling cover and picnic blanket to name but a few. Its versatility means it can be used on most pushchairs, car seats and slings. As well as being available in an array of patterns.

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Bundle Bean 15%Discount Code: BOOROO

Get Fruity

Both Roo and Tigger take packed lunches with them to school each day. Whilst Tigger (the fussy one) is happy to have the same lunch day after day, Roo prefers a little variety. I’m sure that these Get Fruity bars will brighten up her lunch box, although given the delicious flavours included I might munch them myself. Available at Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado it means I can easily restock without her noticing.

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Get Fruity 20% Discount Code: Fruity17

I hope you enjoyed looking through the contents of my #SNSHamper Tots & Tykes. Please do make sure you pop over and say hello to all the brands featured.

Disclosure: We received a #SNSHamper Tots & Tykes FOC for the purpose of review

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