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Small Screen Salaries: How Much Would Your Favourite TV Characters Earn In The Real World?

December 7, 2017

Many of us devote a significant amount of time to watching TV. It’s all too common to get hooked on a new series and to spend your breaks chatting about your favourite characters by the water cooler or sparking ferocious debate in your WhatsApp group. If you’re heavily invested in a series, or you’re a fan of TV in general, you may have thought about how those episodes fit in with real life and how realistic the plot twists and nuances really are. One issue that’s interesting to consider is the relationship between a character’s job and their lifestyle. Have you ever wondered how much that character would earn in the real world and then questioned how on earth they can afford to live the way they do? If you have, you’ve come to the right place! This infographic provides details of how much leading characters earn in real life, so you can see what kind of salaries your best-loved stars command.

From Hot Pie from Game of Thrones taking home a wage worth £6,720 (or $15,368) to the Big Bang Theory’s physicist Sheldon Cooper demanding a salary of £108,000 ($143,000), there’s a vast variation in small screen salaries. In the middle, you’ll find Joyce Byers from Stranger Things earning £16,700 working at a supermarket, Broadchurch’s DS Ellie Miller taking home £42,708, Springfield’s best-known teacher, Edna Krabappel earning £25,000 and software developer, Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd demanding a salary of £66,000. The infographic also features iconic figures including The Office’s David Brent with a salary of £24,073 and Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous earning wages worth £83,500. Next time you watch, consider how good a deal your favourite stars are really getting!

Infographic design by How Much Money Would These TV Characters Make In Real Life?

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