Side Hustles To Run From Your Spare Room

Side Hustles To Run From Your Spare Room

May 14, 2024


Having a spare room is a nice problem to have. Whether you bought a house with some extra space, the kids have flown the nest or you have decided to make the most of your garage or build a garden room, having a spare room opens you up to many possibilities. So why not make a side hustle one of them?

What side hustles can you run from your spare room?

A side hustle you can run from home gives you a lot of flexibility, with low running costs to help ensure maximum returns for you. If you want to make the most of your home and make some money, then take a look at the following side hustles to run from your spare room.

What side hustles can you run from your spare room?

Beauty services

Beauty services make an excellent side hustle that you can run from your spare room, and can include:

  • Hairstyling 
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Nail technician
  • Massage and holistic treatment
  • Eyelash and eyebrow services

While many of these professions need some extra qualifications, these can be easily done at home or local college or training centre. You could even receive a grant to cover your course fees!

Tattoo studio

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a tattoo artist? Well, maybe you could run your studio from home? Training to become a tattoo artist involves a lot of skill and training, and you will need certification and a licence to operate as a business. You can buy the supplies and equipment you need at Barber DTS to make sure you’re fully equipped. Tattooing is ideal if you’re creative and artistic, and could even lead to a full-time career.

Dog grooming

The number of people owning a dog in the UK has increased, and dogs that benefit from grooming such as poodle crosses (cockapoos, labradoodles, etc.) have become particularly popular. Running a dog grooming business from home can be a simple way to make some extra money, and it’s ideal if you love dogs!

You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a dog groomer, although there are courses available to learn the skills required. Check out what it takes to become a dog groomer in this brilliant interview between two established pet groomers:

Personal training

If you love fitness and interacting with people, then becoming a personal trainer could be an excellent choice for you, and is something you can do from home if you have the space to build a home gym. PTs can make anything from £30 to £100s an hour depending on their experience, and many branch out their work with online sessions and training and nutrition plans to help people get in shape without being with their trainer every day. Personal training can also be a fantastic way for you to stay fit, and teach you all kinds of training methods designed to suit different types of bodies and abilities.

You’ll need some additional qualifications, but many of these are available online to provide you with some flexibility.

Arts and crafts space

Turning your spare room into an arts and crafts space can give you the perfect place to get creative and even sell the things you make. Whether you’ve got a talent for creating wedding stationary or you love to make your own home accessories, you could find a market for your wares on a store like Etsy or eBay. Look at how to start an Etsy store to help you start selling and making some extra income doing something you love. 

Creative studio

If your talents lie in something like photography, videography or even web design, then having a home studio can make the perfect space for your creative side hustle. This can be a simple way to make use of your spare room, although you’ll need to invest in the right equipment for your project. These types of side hustles are ideal for fitting around your existing work or other commitments, allowing you to boost your skills or do something different to your day job. Take a look at some side hustle hacks to help you create a successful side hustle business. 

What side hustles can you run from your spare room?

With a spare room and a little motivation, it’s easy to start a side hustle you can enjoy from home. Think of the things you’re good at or what you’re interested in and take it from there! There are a lot of possibilities to help you make some extra money, and could be the first step towards starting your own business and enjoying the benefits and freedom of working for yourself.

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