School Sports Day 2013 #2013SSG

July 20, 2013
Sports Day has changed a bit from when I was as school. I can remember lining up in teams and screaming each others name in order to ‘egg them on’ so you could win. When I moved to high school it changed once again and you competed in form groups and you added your name against your best sport in order to represent your form for that sport. Winning was the only option, so only the best sportspeople were chosen for each sport.

Fast forward to Roo’s school sports day and it is far more relaxed, fun and enjoyable for all. All the children are in mixed age groups and partake in different sporting activities ‘just for the fun of it’. The only competitive event is the 50m sprint, which the children are competing against themselves. Each year they run the 50m sprint for which they are timed to see if they can beat last years time. They are given a certificate which records their time so they can see how they have improved over the years.

A little boy that is standing in the grass

Last year Roo stopped have way to wave at the camera, so this year I made sure to say to her beforehand to keep running!

A person holding a sign

I love watching the kids take part in the sack race. Seeing them jump along like bunny rabbits, however some can’t quite get the hang of jumping forward and seem to jump on the spot.

A little girl playing with a teddy bear

On a warm sunny day the water race is usually a refreshing game, however as it was bitterly cold with thick clouds filling the sky I am pleased it wasn’t me who had to place my hand in the cold water.

A man that is standing in the grass

My favourite race, the obstacle course. So funny to watch the children step through the hula hoop, step along the rope ladder, through the loop and balancing the ring on their heads before running back. However, watching the children reach the end of the course turn round and attempt to tackle it backwards instead of just running back to tag their team mate. No matter how many times they were told ‘just run’ they wanted to slide under that loop, step along the ladder etc. 

A young boy holding a football ball

Doing her Daddy proud by showing off her dribbling and penalty shooting skills.

A little boy standing in front of a crowd

Roo unfortunately has inherited my lack of throwing technique. Whilst some of the children were able to throw the rockets relatively far, Roo was lucky to manage a metre or two. Oh well throwing is just not her thing.

Boo xxx

I’m entering this post into the Sainsbury’s 2013 School Games Blogger Competition, why not take a look at the Sainsbury’s School Games website.

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