REVIEW: Munchkin Disney Toddler Dining Set

May 3, 2013

Many of you will know that Tigger eats next to nothing. He knows what he likes and sticks to it, which in turn causes me many frustrations and tears. So when I was offered the opportunity to review the Munchkin Disney Toddler Dining Set I wondered whether Tigger would take to it or turn up his nose and say ‘I not like it!‘.

Upon it’s arrival I immediately loved the design and wondered if the sectioned plate was the answer to my problems. Tigger like his sister before him is going through the ‘I want picnic‘ stage, so I’m hoping that the section plate will be great for his ‘picnic’ days.

Tigger and Plate

Plate – 3 divided sections to help create good eating habits…

A plate of food on a table, with Tigger and Disney

Tigger was really quite impressed by the sectioned plate and enjoyed moving food from one section to another before eventually eating it. I love the idea behind the sections and would be great to see an older version for Roo’s age group as I could place veg and sauces in the smaller sections with her ‘main’ in the larger section.

Plate & Bowl – Grippy base helps prevent slipping…

A blue frisbee in it s mouth

Once toddlers move on from the tableware that ‘suctions’ to the table I worry about how long it will take for the plate/bowl to end up on the floor. The munchkin plate and bowls come with this helpful ‘grippy’ base that allows little ones to scoop their food without the plate/bowl slipping around the table.

Bowl – Square design helps scoop food…

A blue plate, with Tigger and Product

At first glance of the bowl I wondered if the square design was just a novelty feature but after watching Tigger eating I realised just how much easier he was able to scoop his food.

Cutlery – Curved handles and rounded fork for safer feeding…

A blue plate, with Tigger and Munchkin

I have to confess that Tigger still used his baby feeding spoons until I received this dining set. Bye Bye baby spoons, hello big boy cutlery!

Tigger has really taken to the dining set, so much that I have already purchased a second set. For the first time he has sat down at breakfast and eat cereal from his own bowl using his own spoon (trust me this is a huge development). The plate is truly fabulous and I urge all parents of fussy eaters to give it a go.

Available Designs

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We received a Munchkin Disney Toddler Dining Set FOC for the purpose of review. 

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