MOGA Mobile Android Gaming System

August 26, 2013

Whilst at an event back July I was shown the MOGA Mobile Gaming System. As Roo loves to play video games on both our tablet and now our smartphones I was interested to see if this would make playing games much easier for her.

MOGA Mobile Android Gaming System

What is the MOGA?

The MOGA consists of two different controllers, MOGA Pro and MOGA Pocket. The MOGA Pro is more like a regular console controller with full-sized grips, dual analogue sticks, and D-Pad. Making it both the perfect size for bigger hands and elite gamers. The MOGA Pocket is a smaller more compact version of the MOGA Pro, great for little hands and commuters.

MOGA Pocket Controller

MOGA controllers benefit from an extensive library of games that can be accessed via the free, downloadable MOGA Pivot app. Simply download the app from Google Play to your tablet or smartphone to reap the rewards of MOGA enhanced game titles, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Real Soccer 2013, PACMAN and many more.

Using the MOGA Pocket

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

The MOGA Pocket was a really handy size for Roo and she was easily able to play her favourite smartphone games. Due to the compact size, it easily fits into your bag or pocket ready for when you have a few minutes to play a game.

I was disappointed to see that the MOGA was powered by batteries and would have much preferred it to be a rechargeable system, however saying this you could easily add rechargeable batteries to save on the cost of replacing used batteries.

Whilst we didn’t test the MOGA Pro I do feel that this would be better for more avid gamers and adults with larger hands. With it being the size of an average computer controller it might not make it pocket sized but you could easily carry it in your bag ready to pull out for gaming action.

Disclosure: We were loaned the MOGA Pocket Controller in order to test drive and review.

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