REVIEW: Fusilli Framboise Vertical Blind

June 20, 2013
I’m not a fan of net curtains, they always look dirty and remind me of old people’s houses. So when we came to redecorate our bedroom I was pleased to see the back of them. Although with an east facing window I want to be able to have something that will let some light in without blinding me everytime I walk in the room. offered me the perfect solution… vertical blinds; however when I first suggested these to Mr Boo he wasn’t too keen. After looking at the selection online he soon realised that they don’t just come in office grey. So with our feature wall painted purple I wanted to tray and see if I could get some blinds to match. I found two swatches that I liked so ordered samples so I could see and feel the fabric, the free sample service only takes a few days to arrive.
A close up of a piece of paper

As soon as I opened the envelope I could see that the Shot Silk Mulberry wasn’t going to work, it was too dark. The Fusilli Framboise however, intrigued me I love the two tone effect on the louvres. Whilst the colour was not a 100% match I still thought it fitted the colour scheme so opted to order.


Ordering requires several decisions… recess or exact fitting requires measuring the window in different places, choosing the track fitting (either top fixing or face fixing), which side we would like the controls and whether to have stack on the left, right or split.


Fitting is much easier than I first thought it would be, in fact just three simple steps…



A close up of a window


A close up of a window

Whilst the vertical blinds fitting instructions do not come supplied in the box they are available on the website, but to be honest it was so straight forward to put up a quick glance at the instructions would most probably satisfy most people.

A little girl standing in front of a window


Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thought…

The installation was so easy, I kept thinking that I was missing something but no it really is as simple as it looks. The ability to change the direction of the louvres depending on which way the sun is shining really does make the world of difference in our room. Thankfully I chose a split stack as Roo and Tigger like to come through and look out of our window so I don’t need to worry about them pulling the louvres in the wrong place and breaking them.

Boo xxx


Disclosure Policy: I received a Fusilli Framboise Vertical Blind FOC for the purpose of review.

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