REVIEW: Drumond Park – Dino Bite

August 24, 2013
Drumond Park

Age: 4+ years
Price: RRP £19.99


  • 5 Blue eggs
  • 5 Red eggs
  • 5 Green eggs
  • 5 Yellow eggs
  • 1 T-Rex
  • 1 T-Rex nest playing base
  • 1 Tweezers (Dino-head shaped)
  • 1 Dice
  • 1 Instruction sheet

A fearsome T-Rex dinosaur is perched on top of a Dino nest. A large green leaf covers twenty tiny and helpless blue, red, yellow and green baby dinosaurs who’ve been stolen from another dinosaur’s nest, and are now awaiting their fate… 

A person wearing a costume, with Drumond Park

How to play Dino Bite…

  • The youngest player starts by rolling the dice, depending on the colour shown the dice that is the colour they need to rescue from the T-Rex nest.
  • Each player then takes it in turn to rescue an egg from the nest with the tweezers supplied. Younger players they can use their fingers instead of the tweezers, if they want to (might make it a little easier for them).
  • With each roll of the coloured dice you must carefully lift the edge of the leaf, grasp a baby and lift it out to safety! But beware – that bad tempered old Dino knows exactly what you’re after, and he’ll wait his chance, then roar out loud and lunge terrifyingly towards them. If this happens this means you’re OUT – till the next round!
  • The winner is determined by either the last player who hasn’t been caught by T-Rex or the one with the most eggs… you decide which way you will select your winner!

A green toy on a table
Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…
Both Roo and Tigger love dinosaurs so I thought that this would be a great game for them, I wasn’t wrong. Setting the game up is incredibly easy, simply attach T-Rex to the base, pull him back, load up the babies and off you go. Tigger struggled with the tweezers but at 2.5yrs I thought he would so he was happy to lift the leaf and sneak a baby out. One thing they were not keen on was the roar of the dinosaur but after a few goes they soon got used to it.

More Info
A close up of a sign

Please visit the Drumond Park website for stockists and to see their full range of games available. Don’t forget to follow them via Facebook – and Twitter – to keep up to date with news, releases and competitions.
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We received a copy of Dino Bite from Drumond Park FOC for the purpose of review.

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