REVIEW: Doc McStuffins Sharing is Caring Dominoes Game

October 30, 2013
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Doc McStuffins Sharing is Caring Dominoes Game

Age: 3+ years
Players: 2 or more players
Price: RRP £12.99


1x Doctor Bag
28x Dominoes
1x Game Rules Card

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How to play

The game instructions included within the box offer a twist to the domino rules I can remember playing as a child. They give a player the opportunity to ask another player for a specific character domino, which if they have it they must hand over and it is to be played immediately. Alternatively a player can chose not to ask and take up to three additional dominoes from the Doctor Bag, stopping once they can play a domino on either end of the chain. Personally I feel that this is a little difficult for young children to get their head around so I’m going to show you the rules we played.

  • Mix up the dominoes and place them inside the Doctor Bag
  • Each player takes 5 dominoes, either hold them in your hand so the other players cannot see or place them behind a cushion
  • Take a domino from the bag and place it in the middle of the table/floor, this will start the domino chain
  • Starting with the youngest, take a look at your dominoes and see if you can match up to the characters available
  • If you can match a character with one of your dominoes then you add it to the chain (double-dominoes are just like any other domino)
  • If you cannot match a character with one of your dominoes you must collect an additional domino from the Doctor Bag, if there are no dominoes left in the bag then you miss a turn
  • Continue until one player has placed all their dominoes
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Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Personally I am loving that it comes with a bag to hold the dominoes when it is not being played with, Roo previously had a set of dominoes that should fit inside a box but she could never fit them in correctly so lost some making the game unusable. Plus who wouldn’t want a Doc McStuffins bag??

The game is aimed at 3 years+ and Tigger is just about to get there, however even with Roo at almost 7 years old she was a little confused about the rules included and couldn’t work out who she was allowed to ask for a domino etc so we soon switched to the rules I remember as a child.

Dominoes is a game that can be fun for all ages, especially if it incorporates a child’s favourite character. Starting with picture dominoes children can learn to match pictures/colours, learn names of characters and simple counting too… all without realising that they are in fact learning.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We received a copy of Doc McStuffins Sharing is Caring DOminoes Game FOC for the purpose of review.

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