Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular

November 4, 2013

Yesterday we packed up the car first thing in the morning, bundled Roo and Tigger inside and headed off on a special surprise for them both. With both of their birthdays this week, Roo turning 7 years old and Tigger turning 3 years old we thought it would be great to spend the day at one of our family favourites… Drayton Manor and of course Thomas Land.

Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular - Thomas

Thankfully both Roo and Tigger were delighted with our surprise trip. Whilst we knew they would love the rides and Tigger especially catching up with all this train pals, it was actually the firework spectacular that we went for. Roo was born on Fireworks night, delivered with the noise of fireworks banging in the distance, however she has never been to an actual fireworks display. I guess we have always been doing things for her birthday that we have never gotten round to it.

Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular - Tigger

Arriving at lunchtime allowed us plenty of time to enjoy all the rides we wanted before the spectacular started at 7pm. Cranky was having a few problems towards the end of the day and we did joke with Roo that it was because she had been on too many times (hehe).

Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular - Boo and Roo

By the time the fireworks started Roo and Tigger were happy to have a little cuddle with us whilst watching the amazing display.

I’d love to show you some amazing fireworks photos, however we were enjoying them that much that I completely forgot to take any. So you’ll just have to make do with a promotional fireworks shot…

Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular

Tickets for the Drayton Manor Firework Spectacular were £25 for 12yrs+, £20 4-11yrs, £5 2-3yrs, Under 2yrs FREE. So whilst you might look at the ticket price and think it is a little pricey, considering the park opened at 9.30am, fireworks at 7pm and rides closing at 9pm that is 11.5 hours of fun… personally I think it is worth every penny!

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: We bought and paid for our own tickets as a special treat for Roo and Tigger, I just wanted to share our day with you.
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