A bedroom with a bed and a chair

Planning a nursery

May 3, 2016

One of the exciting things about being pregnant is planning a nursery. Making that special room in your home that will house your precious baby once they are ready to move from your room into a room of their own. There several key things to think about when planning a nursery from which room, theme, and furniture…

Planning a nursery

A bedroom with a bed and a chair

Finding room

If you are lucky enough to have a couple of spare bedrooms you will have the choice of which room to use however most of us aren’t that lucky and if it is your first baby you might already have a room earmarked as the nursery. If you have children already you might need to juggle the bedrooms depending on their age and the size of the bedroom they are currently in.


Depending on whether you know the sex of your baby might influence your theme choice. First time round you might opt for something neutral or stick with popular nursery themes like jungle, circus or primary colours. Your theme can be incorporated by adding a feature wall of wallpaper, paint or if you are artistic then a beautiful mural would really add that WOW factor to the nursery. I’ve recently noticed a growing trend of keeping the walls white or cream and then accessorizing with prints, wall stickers, and toys allowing it to be easily changed and updated as the baby grows.

Bedding and accessories are the easiest way to add the feel that you are looking for within the nursery. With a range of cot and cot bedding sets available you are able to find something that will not only keep your little one warm at night but look fabulous too.


Buying a cot can seem daunting as there are so many different styles available. The main question being do you opt for a cot or a cot bed?

Things you need to consider are: 

  • Where will you place the cot?
  • What space do you have available?
  • Are you thinking of more children within the next year or two?

All of these will factor in your decision.

If you are limited on space or are thinking of adding a sibling then I’d opt for a cot rather than a cot bed as these take up less space and baby can then transition to a toddler bed when their sibling comes along (depending on the age gap). A cot bed is a good choice if you have enough space to incorporate one with the room and whilst cost slightly more than a cot will save you having to buy a toddler bed when the baby is ready to have the move out of a cot.

Whilst it is obvious that you will need a cot in the nursery there are other nursery furniture items that you might want to consider like a wardrobe, chest of drawers that has a changing top and a nursing chair.

A chair in a room
Pablo Cot Set by Galipette

My advice would be to look a the size of the room you have available for the nursery and buy accordingly. If you have a good size room don’t buy children’s furniture as it will look and feel small within the room – the same goes for a box room, don’t buy full-size furniture as you will make the room feel cramped.

Buying multi-purpose furniture when you are lacking on space would be best, for example, a wardrobe that has drawers or shelving as well as hanging to save you having to have separate furniture items taking up valuable space. Purchasing a changing top unit that fits on your cot will reduce the need for a changing table and can easily be removed and stored under the cot when not in use.

What things did you consider when planning a nursery?

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