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How to organise a perfect picnic in the garden?

July 17, 2021

The weather outside is starting to get warmer (hooray!) and you might feel like organising it’s time for a picnic in the garden. Also since the pandemic is once again picking up around the world, a picnic might just be the thing that makes you happy.

Organising a picnic in the garden can be a little different than going to a park. In the article, we have listed down a few things you need to do for a perfect garden picnic. These tips will allow you to be safe in your personal space and still enjoy the outside world. 

Picking the perfect spot in the garden

If you have a huge back patio, it can be quite difficult to pick the perfect spot for the picnic in the garden. Whereas, you might have fewer options in the case of a small garden. 

In the case of a big garden, pick a spot that is a bit more private. It will give you the feeling of being away from the house which is always a nice thing. Keep the weather conditions in mind when you pick the spot as well. A spot where you can lay a blanket and sit comfortably for a good amount of time is the ideal spot for a picnic in the backyard

Planning for the garden picnic

Any kind of picnic needs to be planned carefully so it can be a success. From the food you want to bring to the kind of blanket you want to sit on, everything needs to be decided. 

Since it’s a picnic in the garden, you don’t really have to go all out and be extravagant about it. If you have a picnic table, you can use that or simply sit on the grass. You can use bags instead of baskets to carry your food and beverages. It’s more about enjoying the experience of having a picnic in the garden. 

picnic in the garden / garden picnic

It’s all about the delicious food you bring to enjoy

Food is a big part of the whole picnic experience and we are all aware of that. Even if it is a picnic in the garden, that doesn’t mean you don’t put effort into bringing good food. 

Plan the picnic menu by admin all the loved ones who are coming to the picnic. Make sure to include something for everyone that comes so no one is left out. And of course, don’t forget to get some drinks to enjoy during the picnic in the garden.

Think about the activities you wish to do during the garden picnic

If you and your family are content with just sitting and talking during the picnic in the garden, then that is perfectly okay. But for some extra bit of fun, you should think about including some outdoor activities. 

You can take some board games to play outside or include some garden games that you can plan while sitting down. If the backyard is big enough, you can include games like catch, hide and seek, etc as well. 

Put safety first before you enjoy a nice garden picnic

In the current situation where the world is battling against sickness, it is essential to stay cautious. Taking the necessary precautions will make sure you can enjoy the picnic in the garden even more. 

Make sure to have sanitising equipment with you and clean up the space where you wish to have the picnic. Wear your masks if possible and also take things like sunscreen, bug protecting cream, etc with you. 

picnic in the garden / garden picnic


There are so many amazing benefits of having a picnic in the garden. Using the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to host a perfect backyard picnic. 

We hope that this article enables you to prepare a fantastic picnic in the garden. Use these suggestions and enjoy a nice garden picnic before the beautiful weather is gone. 

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