We all know trying to sell a property is no picnic. In fact, it’s probably one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. There are a hundred and one things to think about when selling your home. From dealing with estate agents to worrying if a buyer will pull out at the last minute. It can require nerves of steel sometimes.… View Post

Whether it’s whopping Christmas lists, weekly shops, or bits and bobs for birthday parties, whatever, just a few clicks and I can switch my mind back onto something more important. Within days, a parcel arrives. Often the next day, nowadays. And while delivery costs used to be extortionate, most of the time now it costs less than petrol and parking, if anything at all.… View Post

Whilst we were visiting Mr Boo’s Nanny in Wales at Easter Tigger discovered the delights of Robot Wars.  After flicking through the TV channels as the adults were chatting he stumbled upon Robot Wars.  Within in minutes he was hooked and asking whether we were able to get this series on our TV at home.  As soon as we arrived home after our trip away he reminded us to record the series – which has become a firm favourite for a lazy Sunday afternoon viewing. To bring the action of Robot Wars TV series into children’s lives, HEXBUG has brought out the ultimate HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena.… View Post

Not limited to in-house reading, you can download up to 500 magazines for offline reading with Readly. If you’re travelling during the autumn half-term, or you plan to get away over the Christmas break, it makes for easy and efficient downtime reading. Needless to say, the app is a hit in our house.… View Post

This October get ready to enjoy and experience the UK’s top shopping event for new and expectant parents. The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, will be taking place from Friday 19th until Sunday 21st October at Olympia London. It is a must-attend event that gives visitors the opportunity to compare, try and buy – all under one roof!  … View Post

Thursday we had a few extra sneezes from Piglet.  She always sneezes with such dramatic effect that it is easy to remember them.  Friday brought even more, however, I dismissed it as a cold.  It appears that piglet doesn’t do colds or at least just a cold.  An unsettled night was followed by an hour or two of her perking up enough to play.  Shortly followed by a slump.  Falling asleep on the sofa whilst watching her favourite film, The Greatest Showman.… View Post

Things happen in our lives to try us.  Those moments that make us question ourselves, the world around us and how we can improve things going forward.

This week has been full of these moments for me.  I’ve tried my best to shake off the last trying moment in order to deal with the next.  I have failed.  It has been one thing after another and if I’m honest it has gotten the better of me.… View Post

It’s no secret that children just have this calling to draw. And sometimes, that calling means that they don’t necessarily draw on paper, but on other objects around your house as well…Walls, pictures, the dog…you name it, if it’s got a surface, they want to draw on it or colour it. As a parent, how many times have you found yourself staring in disbelief at the art that your little one has done or an object that you know will never come clean, ever again? … View Post

Some of you may recall me sharing a special Tots + Tykes hamper from Social Network Solutions last year.  Filled with an array of wonderful baby and children’s items including clothing, toys, accessories and food for the children.  So when I received an email a few months ago asking whether I’d like to receive another hamper this year – of course I said yes.… View Post