Tom and his dad are VERY good at making things, but then Dad loses his job and sadness clouds the house. Until Tom comes up with a plan to take their vehicle inventions and create something astounding…… View Post

When planning a holiday with kids, it is important to think about what there is in the area for kids to do. Some holiday destinations just are not family friendly. Unless you want bored and cranky children, it is important to think about what there is for children to do where you decide to visit.… View Post

Grilling is an art. Or, at least, many practices it as so. There is nothing like the feeling of pulling your grill out in the warm spring to have your first cookout of the year.… View Post

To make the most of your small kitchen, start by thinking about how you use your space and where everything needs to be as this will help you decide what sort of storage you require. For example, it’s best to store items by how often they’re used, so make sure that everyday dishes are on an easy-to-reach lower shelf with special-occasion pieces higher up.… View Post

If you have just given birth, it is safe to say that your body has gone through some vast changes. Women who have just had a baby face immense pressure to get back to their pre-pregnancy body as fast as humanly possible.… View Post

The Peak District, as we all know, is a great place to visit all year round. Stunning scenery, miles of trails on which to cycle, walk and be at one with wildlife – it never… View Post

A visit to Horsey Gap to see the Horsey Seals, what better way to blow away the final cobwebs of the year. Wellies and waterproofs at the ready for a walk along the sand dunes and muddy puddles to jump in.… View Post

With this being our first visit to Horsey Gap, it was wonderful to see the area so well signposted. With little quiz plaques dotted along the walk to the viewpoints, which the children loved. As well as helpful volunteers from the Friends of Horsey Seals to point people in the right direction or answer any questions.… View Post

Finally, four days before Christmas I managed to take the children to visit Father Christmas at Jarrolds in Norwich. Hopefully we were in time for the elves to still gather the toys the children requested.… View Post