Julian is on his way home with his Nana when he spots some mermaids… or at least he thinks they’re mermaids.  Just a mere glimpse of these joyous women and Julian’s imagination transforms him into… View Post

The sun was shining in Cumbria this week as I visited Carlisle Castle for the Poppies Tour… View Post

Summer is a brilliant time for kids. Not only do they get to play outside for longer, but they also get to enjoy six weeks off school! However, as fun as summer can be, without adequate care and protection, your kid’s hair and skin could suffer. Here, you’ll discover some great tips on how to take care of your kid’s hair and skin this summer. … View Post

Having both myself and Mr. Boo been made redundant in the past we are now more than ever aware of how our financial situation can change.  Having been reckless in the past with our budgeting we would like to think that we are in more control of our bills.  One of the areas that we have been blind to is our energy usage.  Although we have done the usual things like switch over to energy saving light bulbs etc.  Our energy bills each quarter are still higher than we would like.… View Post

Deciding to tackle home improvements can be a big undertaking. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. When thinking about all the options for home improvements, remember that they come in all different sizes. Some decide to renovate their home room by room, while others prefer to focus on my specific home renovation projects.

Whatever renovation route that you choose to take, remember that each and every option will end in making your home perfect for you and your family.… View Post

How did you choose the mattress that is on your bed right now? Were you one of life’s organised and efficient people who took the time to research, try out and way up the pros… View Post

Certain kinds of cars can compliment families best. After all, it’s important that parents don’t lose their independence, and that they also can undertake family trips too. To be stuck at home is no kind of life to live, for parent or child, so it’s important to buy the best vehicle possible for those family outings.… View Post

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have caught one of the adverts for the Smart Meter roll out.  Whether you’ve heard the radio advert in the car or vaguely recall seeing something as you waited for your favourite program to come on TV.

The short version of these adverts is that between now and 2020 energy suppliers are offering households across the UK the opportunity to switch over to a Smart Meter.  Sounds great right? But what is a Smart Meter?… View Post

Tucked away just off the A47 west of Norwich is the village of North Tuddenham.  As you head towards the main houses you will pass The Lodge Griddle & Grill.  North Tuddenham’s local pub, however, it is so much more than just somewhere to grab a pint after a long day.… View Post