There’s a new film release on the block this month, and it’s a kind of magic, to say the very least. Yes, on Wednesday 24 October this year, in just a week’s time, Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie hits the flicks. It’s time for us parents to break free, grab some popcorn, and arrange a child-free evening out to celebrate a cinematic expression of the hottest thing that ever happened to British rock.… View Post

It’s funny how things can change with a phone call.  As I sit and write this I should be keeping a watchful eye on Piglet.  I should be explaining to Tigger that he’ll have to miss his swimming lesson this week. 

Except I’m not.  … View Post

Buying for teenagers isn’t’ the easiest. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and if you get it wrong not only are you going to waste your money but you could also insult them! While teens are far from being adults, under no circumstances do they want to be considered as kids, and so it can make finding an age-appropriate gift somewhat tricky. Whether you have a teenager yourself or you are buying for one, here are a few ideas for different routes you could go down.… View Post

It’s no secret that those pups over at PAW Patrol have captured a part of Piglet’s childhood.  Whether she is enjoying an episode on the TV or iPad or reading her personalised PAW Patrol storybook.  Even recreating Adventure Bay in the living room with the help of the PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower or the PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser as well as a whole host of PAW Patrol characters – why have one Chase when you can have five!  One of the latest playsets to join the PAW Patrol family is the PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck – a substantial playset that will certainly make an impact under the Christmas tree or unwrapped on a birthday.… View Post

Do you have a mini Sir Alan Sugar in the making? Are your children always coming up with ideas on how they would like to go into business and make piles of money? Yes? Then… View Post

How many times in life have you had the chance to surround yourself with other innovative DIY innovators and makers? You and your family may have always been more on the creative side, but when it comes to being able to interact and engage with others and see what options and creativity are out there, you all may have felt a few limitations in the past. If that’s the case, Maker Faire Rome is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.… View Post

The solution is to get creative about gifts and select stuff that will really enhance their tweenage years. It’s oh-so-easy to fall into the trap of purchasing electronic devices, accessories, and games. They’re everywhere these days, and we can’t deny that it’s not the norm. Scratch that, and take a look at just four alternative gifts I’ve found for your not-so-youngsters.… View Post

Having worked for the NHS for 15 years I am fiercely proud of the services available.  Yes, they don’t always get things right.  However, some of that is down to resources and funding rather than the people who treat you.  The NHS is free at the point of access and whilst we pay for this via our National Insurance contributions.  We are fortunate not to have to worry about large bills arriving after treatment.

This week has seen us get our monies worth from the NHS…… View Post

The majority of the little touches that make a room, such as LEGO storage boxes, a desk, an array of LEGO-themed toys, minifigures and soft toys we already owned.  However, once the room was completed there was something missing.  We’d utilised some superhero style bedding that we’d purchased a couple of years ago when we had hoped to change the decor in the nursery for him.  But never got round to using to doing it.  And whilst there is nothing wrong with the bedding set it just didn’t fit his new room.  Which given that he had waited so long for it, I wanted it to be perfect. … View Post